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Dues Ex and gaming innovation

Ok so I'm gonna sound lame but I only saw Bladerunner last year for the first time and it blew my mind. There where two majorly jaring things about it, firstly; its just plain phenominal the combination of scifi with film noir was stunning the visuals are still stunning even today. Secondly ; that no other movie has even tried to knock it off, the closest thing I've see would be I robot but the art design and cinematography wasn't at all similar. In the end I still can't believe how good it was and at that how not film has really grown or borrowed that films core draw/world.

When I watched the last Directors cut trailer for Deus Ex Human Revolution I got goose bumps. I saw in it the same unique flare that gamers last saw in bioshock. The core inspiration I felt for the game was pretty clearly that of bladerunner, something that I don't recall ever gracing video games. If the gameplay is rock solid and the narative as reflective as it appears and the music as grandeos and beautiful as that in the trailer, this might well prove to be a new standard in games.

Here is where I'd like your guyz feed back. Do you think that Deus Ex can live up to the trailer?

I leave you with...

"If you want to make enemies, try to change something"

Free flowing thought

It finally happened, I got a job!!!!

First purchases, 1080p 60 inch plasma ps3 slim, 360 slim, 1 year live and netflix account

Ok, I've come to the conclusion that LIVE is a true blue rip off. I use steam and every day it feels like steam is thanking me for using it, great deals, free games (alien swarm) Amazing community tools!!!

Games I've played recently:

Splinter cell conviction

uncharted 1 &2


Halo reach

Black Opps

Alien Swarm



I've finally nailed what I don't like about COD. COD is now paced like a Unreal Tournament game, I firstly don't think it has the responsive kind of controls that UT does, andit definately doesn't have the balance. Bad Company on the other hand is phenominal in the scale and general balance.

I like the call of duty SP experience but the MP leaves alot to be desired.

I think that the 360 slim is a joke, mine is hotter and louder than my original. In my game area I have two stacked and bricked 360s and one slim, microsh!t is doing something wrong and I think we as consumers need to call them out on their 100 percent failure rates.

What ever happened to people using crysis to benchmark new cards?


Still kinda bent out of shape that they labeled L4D 2 as a sequel! Not a bad game but stand alone expansion is more what I feel when I play it, or how about gaint expansion or DLC compilation. Not Sequel.

What is wrong with japan, as US devs slowly get better japanese developers rappidly get worse. Just look at the relevance of MGS, the first game was a revelation in game design and story telling, the last one was a parady of itself. Not to say I didn't like it, I'm retarted that way. But they really could have learned something over the course of 4 games.

Why do japanese professionals write worse stories than the most mentally challenged of all fan fiction writers!

Why does DLC F'ing exist. If you won't push it at retail don't release it! Why are people paying 5 dollars for a map to a game that isn't supported because 2/3rds of the devs walked. Why pay 5 dollars to get a new map to a game that has never been balanced and is full of hackers? WHY!!!!!!!!!!

GameStop DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Exclusive DLC for a retailer is just plain $%^&*$%^#$&#$&!!!!!!

Ever since I reinstalled batman on my pc and live wouldn't let me redownload the DLC I'd gotten I've concluded that firstly Microsoft is a evil evil evil company and secondly that Live is a waste of time and space(except the achievements they are gold) and DLC not distributed through steam is worth less than nothing, its a sink hole.

Buying pc games at retail is almost pointless, especially when steam is there. This doesn't mean I didn't just buy Black opps at retail, but DLC has convinced me retail is pointless to begin with.

Cross platform games are 9/10 times better on pc, thanks in part to the fact that PCdoesn't have gimmicky motion controls, and also because pc doesn't force you to use controllers, and also because PC has steam, and you can probably buy it on there for 1/3 the price during a sale and get the worthless DLC through steam and everything will be better.

Red Ring

Well I've known for some time that what goes around comes around. As such me being the only person I know who hasn't experienced the red ring of death, I knew it was coming for me. Well the grim reaper visited my xbox two days ago. Lucky for my xbox I know how to use the internet! After a brief bit of research I cracked open my xbox(warranty was expired.)cleaned it out, then gave it the popular towel treatment(you rap it in a towel and run it to reset it). Two towels later and everything is working ok, I'm playing through assassins creed 2 right now. keep you posted.

I refuse to pay the requested 100 dollars microsoft wants, especially after seeing how many of my friends who sent theirs in sent it back in 6 months later. I rationalized that these microsoft goons are probably doing exactly what I'm doing, a temporary fix.

Operation flashpoint, more like operation failure

Well i bought operation flash point today after playing it on a friends computer on launch day. The online has since ceased to function. I'd like to see this pop up on some prominant gaming website news but it hasn't so I'm left to blog about it so other game owners know they aren't alone in their frustrations. Its one thing to have something like this happen and do something about it, but this has been ongoing for more than a day now with no honest promises or resolutions taking place. Online in Dragon rising doesn't work you can't Coop you can't Vs eachother you can't do anything, even servre browsing isn't functioning properly if you manage to get to a lobby for a MP game you fail to connect upon the start of the match. This is ridiculous.

gamespot glitches.

well i made a banner comprised of three favorite magic art spreads and ironically i can't get it to upload properly i'm stuck with this single spread that doesn't look to good because it was a bad one. I've tried adding several new images as banners and the process goes smoothly but then i return to my home page and see the same dragon angel battle is still continueing. frustrating why can't these guys make something as simple and easy to use as the uploader valve has on steam.

E3 09(yeah!)

Sorry for my absence for so long. I've been developing a life, and as such haven't dedicated as much time to this stuff(blogging).

Well i watched about every single piece of video that surfaced from E3 and i want to post my review/prediction for the gaming industry.

Microsoft: Largest flaw is that they didn't support their PC platform this year, ontop of that microsoft has closed all but one 1st party developer (RARE) and as such they have to buy exclusives(read, hemorage money). At this rate i don't know how they plan to be proffitable in the near future since software was one way nintendo stayed affloat when they were in this same situation.

However they had the best presentation of any company at E3. Splintercell conviction looks amazing! AMAZING!! AMAZING!!! Forza looks to maintain its dominance over gran tourismo. Modern Warfare 2 looks Phenominal!

Sony: Wow what a great presentation they have a title in every category that looks like a must buy. Not to mention that they are still supporting the PS2 and original PSP. Only problem is that they didn't announce a price cut. After watching that press conference i would have ran out and bought a PS3 had i had a job.

Nintendo: Only good news out of their press conference was metriod related(I love metroid so thats awesome) but mario was expected, Zelda was MIA and ultimately nintendo has no big fall titles to push hardware sales. I feel like nintendo has lost so much ground with the hardcore that ultimately they've hit the wall especially with NATAL and Sony's efforts showing that they will fly past nintendo. Microsoft has undercut Nintendo's price and so if NATAL takes off whenever it comes out then Nintendo will find it has burned its last bridge.

As a pc gamer i saw that the pc has tons of great titles, sadly very few exclusives, some big titles are coming to pc though Star craft comes to mind. The single largest boundry between me and my console is the interface, i can't play strategy or shooter games with a gamepad, i've been trying, battlefield bad company is great but i just can't pull of headshots reliably. Sales figures have shown how useless the casual market is, they only buy bundles, and software quality is not a concern. software attach rates are so bad for the wii, why would anyone develope for it? This E3 shows how many worth while games are on the Wii this fall(none).

As my prefered platform suffers from lack of posative or negative attention i move forward with hope, i know every cross platform release i'll buy for my pc and as such try to support and effect change in what way i can.

re5 survival action

ok, i'm gonna just say it. resident evil 5 isn't scary, it makes fear 2 feel like silent hill by comparison. re5 is simply a action game, a awesome action game, but a action game, the girls are hot the men are buff, and lots of things go boom. honestly i was so suprised buy just how much of a departure the game was, boss battles often are not tense at all and just involve patern recognition and mastery of quick time events. I love the action, the weapons, the upgrade system, the replayability the presentation, even if the story is predictable as can be. I played through the game on veteran difficulty, the highest available from the outset, and let me say, it is hard. I felt like gears of war 1 was a resident evil 4 clone with cover and multiplayer. well resident evil 5 feels like a gears of war 2 clone without a decent cover system. on the higher difficulty that i played through on, there are several instances where you can't win you just run, that is about the only time the game is almost scary. The upgrade system combined with coop and the fact that items carry over from play through to play through has given me quite a few resons to play on, and on. right about here is when i promise a review, but i'm so many reviews behind i can't promise anything till i fix my desktop shinanigans. happy st. patty's day.


hey fellow gamers, long time no blog, so i figured i'd get back in here and let you all know what is going on. well, remember my overclocking endevors, well, it turns out i have had motherboard memory slot failures and problems, but after ocing i found the problems exacerbated to the point where i couldnt avoid confronting them any more. the memory errors were so constant that i was corrupting OSes and programs were crashing, games that i blamed for being buggy were really going down like champs because i had some hardware issues, so your wondering how did i miss these problems, well they didn't show up in prime 95 or default nvidia memtest programs. but after starting a thread on's forums and being directed to use memtest 86 i found the problems, and am moving to remove them, it would appear the reason that nvidias memtest missed the problem is because the errors are mother board side instead of ram side so my mobo might need replacing. i'm still testing to try and determine exactly what is wrong but if my guesses are right i'm gonna get a new mobo, i'll probably get a 790i ultra, and buy ddr3 1600 mhz memory. then next fall i plan on getting a q9650 3.0 ghz 1333 mhz fsb cpu and the next gen nvidia card. but right now i just want my desktop to work.

i've spent spring break playing dawn of war 2, and it is a very good game, i love it. it isn't perfect, but it sure is a ton of fun. i beat fear 2 and that was also a very good game, i need to right a review for so many games i'm so behind, and i feel the need to buy a racing game and the microsoft steering wheel, but agian no money, gosh, i need a job. time to job hunt.

betas that don't help sell a game

Ok so i am playing the Dawn of War 2 Beta and it feels more like a bad Demo, technically i find nothing wrong with the game, but the setup of the demo is no fun. first off they've drastically changed the way the game handles and plays, that's cool and all but there is no skirmish mode or tutorial that i can find and as such, to learn the game you must spend hours of getting your @$$ handed to you by better players while you try to finure out how the revised economy works how do you build structures and command units. the game has changed and it isn't a world in conflict type where you can just pick it up. and it is so much harder to learn online against @holes. i only just realized where resources are on screen, i thought they wree displayed ontop, only to learn at the end of a match that no that is the victory meter. the game seems like it could be fun, but if this is gonna be the first experience for alot of players it is gonna turn more people off than anything else. feeling like a looser is not fun, and right now that is all i feel like a idiot looser who can't feel his way around this new game in time to not loose matches over and over agian. how hard is a simple tutorial to include. agian maybe there is one but the menu system isn't as intuitive as it used to be. On another note i used the remodeled live for windows and that is greatly improved if only laggy.

most underappreciated game of 2008

yeah, i'm suprised as anyone but my most missunderstood game goes to mirros edge, for so many reasons, mainly because as i read the reviews it sounded like every facet of the game was a failure and that the game as a whole was bad but because it was original it deserved a better score, usually a seven something. well i'm hear to say that the free running first person mechanic works, and darn well at that. yes the levels are linear, but it works, yes, combat is simple, but it's viscereal to experience a good KO, took me back to riddick of four years ago, yes the Cinematics stink, but the inengine cut scenes are pretty awesome most the time, heck there are even moments in the story that pack some punch. the sound design is pretty good i love the music, the sound effects for running and what not are perfect bullets wising around, i'lll throw up a review, but i just want people to know this is a good game. but, i think the biggest problem with it would be it's release on the game pad, i've tried it on consoles and i'm sorry but it stinks for the simple reason that thumb sticks don't cut it you need the reactive responsive precise control of a mouse. So if your interested skip the console game and pick up the pc version system demands are very low. my friend plays the game on max on his 1000 dollar sony labtop so most any desktop can handle. i have tons of critiques for mirrors edge the game is by no means perfect, but i was feeling so jaded and disinterested with shooters and then i picked up this one. if you don't have 50 dollars to drop on a 5 hour game wait a month or two with the sales it has had this holiday the price should drop like a rock in the next month or two.