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@simplytheebest: Who gives a shit how long it is. Its the best looking game ever, period.

Who the fck other than your grandma and MC hammer spells Noob "Newb".

What are you Clint Eastwood's dad?

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@simplytheebest: The Order looks like CGI pre-render, don't believe me play it.

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@simplytheebest: The Order does. Play it, if you don't believe me.

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@simplytheebest: I was playing Doom when you still playing with GIJOE.

Either you own a SLI Card or you don't own SLI card. WTF does playing SLI mode have anything to saying that I own Dual SLI cards.

You do realize that 4K doesn't make games look better, just sharper, right.

I can run Pong in 4K, doesn't make Pong look photorealistic does it.

Sharper does NOT boost Polygon density of the character models. It just makes the image sharper.

Forza looks good, but still. Doesn't look like a movie to me.

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@simplytheebest: I see you have no answer to those in English or Japanese or French.

So you've lost the debate.

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@wendopolis_bruh: The Order was definitely revolutionary in terms of sheer visuals.

I hope Sony uses the same engine that was created on other games. Because that engine is by far the best in the industry for photorealistic gaming.

I also liked the story as well.

And the truth is, I never play any game more than once, when I'm done I never touch it again. Outside of sports games, and fighting games, every game is an one off for me. So the fact that it was one time experience didn't bother me at all.

Too bad not enough effort is put into achieving those level of graphics again, because everyone is doing open world, and The Order's graphics cannot be done in an open world environment.

If they made more closed off games, you would see more games hit The Order level graphics.

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@simplytheebest: English, dude half the time you sound like a twelve year old kid. And you're lecturing me on English. LOL The hypocrisy.

Here's some English terms you need to familiarize yourself with.

1) Low depth of field cinematography (zero draw distance), used in films and The Order)

2) High Polygon Density (Used to create models that look like reality, but cannot be used in open world games, due to hardware limitation)

3) Non Sli GPUs (A GPU that does not perform in SLI mode aka GTX 1060)

There you go kid, your education is almost complete.

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If you think Crysis looks photorealistic, get glasses.

This looks photo real to you?


Really? That look like a fcking toy figure with a gun.

This looks photo real.


Look at that shift in focal point from foreground to background, now that's what a movie looks like, son.

How many times do I gotta tell you, you cannot make photo real models in open world games, no machine can handle that's why open world games look fake, all of them.

I got a Hexcore i7, with Dual GTX 1070, what do you got? So STFU.

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@simplytheebest: Infer my fcking ass.

Don't infer try reading.

If I have 2x GTX 1060 do I have an Dual SLI? No I have No fcking SLI. But I have dual GPUs.

The fact that you didn't know that there are Non SLi cards makes you straight up Noob.

And the fact that you don't know what polygon density means, really makes you a noob.

The reason The Order looks better than most games running at 4K is sheer polygon density noob.