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alan wake gamecheck

Can anyone tell me how is the game Alan Wake for Pc version . I heard that its good for XBox version. I really want to purchase it .

Thanks in advance.

dragon quest ix sentinals of the skies

Guys iam playing Dragon quest sentinals of the skies . The game is good . Every feature from dragon quest the cursed king is available in this game . The class system is excellent . But is there alchemy in this game . till now i didnt find alchemy in this game .

Please inform me about that.

one peice

Guys recently i played one peice game . Its good and it dragged my attention so any one tell me is it worthy to watch .

windows 8

Guys, I heard that win8 is coming on this year . Is it true that win 8 Can play Xbox360 Games .

If yes will it play online or only offline .

Is it really contains dashboard and Avatar like Xbox360?

If its true iam the first happiest one to purchase to a Windows 8 Operating System.

Please Give me Some Details.

e3 2011 attendees


Can anyone tell me where to register myself for e3 2012 in gamespot . I didnt see any notification regarding this . I really want to see e3 .

Any help is appreciated .

Thanks in advance.

Most anticipated games of the year 2012

Guys, which games are you interested in this new year . I heard there are too many new and good games in this year .

1.Kingdom Of Amalur Reckoning

2.Bio shock infinite

3.Dragons dogma

4.Asura's Wrath

5.I am Alive

6.Alan wake(PC)

7.Alan wake-American Nightmare

8.Mass Effect 3

9.Metal Gear Rising:Revengeance

10.Darksiders 2

Or any of your favourite games . Iam really interested on your CHOICES . Telling you the truth iam eagerly waiting for Kingdom of amalur And Alan Wake (Pc).

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