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I am going to see....

....(no, not the Wizard) .... this movie....


... at 9:10 AM today!! Why does this movie start at 9:10 AM? Don't really know!!! What I do know is ..... Wreck-it Ralph looks to be awesome!!! So many classic video game characters are in this movie and if you love the old-school stuff(who doesn't?) then this is a no brainer!!

Then later today, after roasting coffee on my back porch, I will be playing my current favorite games -




That is all. Enjoy your day and make it great!!! Kat

A day after Halloween and....

... I return!!! Bwwahhhh, bawwwahahaha!!!

Yes, a day after my bDay and I have come back to haunt all my old friends here. I am fueled by 10 doubles of espresso as I write this. My on going quest for supreme control of all the coffee in the world continues...

And I have been playing DOOM BFG Edition, and have recently fallen in love with the PSN download of Frogger Hyper Arcade Adition . Tomorrow I am going to see

Wreck-it Ralph at the theaters and it will be awesome!!!

Hope all of you are well. That is all. Are any of my friends here anymore?! Make it a great day!!! KAT

I have been gone but you......

.... will never forget me!!! Bwwwahhhh, bwwwahhhh! Buying Batman Arkham City this week. Might get Rage. I am the next big thing. Be glad you know me!!! Bwwwahhhh bawwaahhahahappp!!! Make it a great day!!! :D Kat

Aggggh!!! and AGGGGGHHHH!!!!

Duke Nukem is delayed!!!!! IT was sO cLosE!!! Oh well, I guess June ( hopefully they mean JUNE of this Year!!!) isn't that far away!!! Make it a great day!!! Kat :D

Booyah!!! Kaboom!!! Pancaked!!!

Played Bulletstorm yesterday 4 hours non- stop!!! Boat loads of fun!!! Skillshots are awesomely gratifying!!! Taking down mutant scum in various ways is rewarding!!! Upgrading your weapons and using the leash is joy!!!! Come and get ur self some!!! UM... and make it a skillfully great day!!! :D Kat

Why is that in fighting games .........

...... I usually play female characters?! With the arrival of Marvel vs Capcom 3 , I find myself mostly playing Morrigan, Trish, and Felcia. I have not even tried all of the characters yet. In Street Fighter games it is usually Chun Li or Cammy. Tekken - Ling , Asuka Kazama and Lili. Virtua Fighter - Pai Chan and Sarah Bryant. Dead or Alive - Kasumi and Helena. Mortal Kombat - Kitana and Sonya Blade. Soul Calibur - Taki and Sophitia Alexandra. Rumble Roses - Reiko Hinomoto and Miss Spencer. Um.... actually I like playing all of them and... wait just a second.... there are ONLY female brawlers in Rumble Roses!!!! Nice!!!!! Okay. So what if I like getting in touch with my feminine side. You got a problem with that? Anyway... where was I? Oh yes. About Marvel vs Capcom 3. For those of you who have yet to purchase this awesome fighting game, shame on you!! So much fun. A long list of cool characters, great combos, and the team hyper combos rock. Just so much awesomeness!! Nuff said!!

My final thought. Why is it when you battle people online and you are winning the fight, 80% of the people leave the battle? Well that is usually my experience!!! Just stay and let me give you the smackdown you deserve!!! He, he!!!

Make it a great day!!!! :D Kat

Um.... I've been busy ......

..... roasting coffee, drinking coffee, playing games and just pre-ordered - Marvel vs Capcom 3 , Bulletstorm, and Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition. OH.... and of course will download Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 !!!

Make it a great day!!!! :D Kat