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NDU RISK - The Conduit Is Officially Terrible - I Got Owned!

Thanks IGN for once again hyping a game, but this time for it turning out pretty average and not something worth all the hype. Remember when you said that The Conduit would be better than Little King's Story? Well... that seems pretty funny now. I got owned for once again going along with IGN and hyping something... only this time it turns out dreadful! :cry:

High Voltage, get more talent.


UP has impressed me. I never look up information on a movie before I see it; I don't even like to watch trailers, so I can enter a movie without any preconceived notions or opinions. I knew UP was about a old man going on an adventure with his house... oh, and there were balloons. After I saw it, however, I could not believe what I had just experienced. UP has a design that pushes a short-story concept keeping you on your toes with fast, action comedy. Surprisingly, this movie also masterfully mixes in layers of abandonment more successfully than most movies I have seen, minus a few. Pixar's introductory information to all new concepts continues to be their most impressive ability. Small ideas grow in seconds as new information reaches your eyes and it builds up until an entire idea and emotion is formed. Incredible. Go see the movie, you will love it.

My Third Time Being A Radical Ninja

I'm level 36... again, and maybe this time I can actually get to level 37 without getting modded a trillion times! I'm one BAD BAD person guys!

In other news, i'm really getting excited for E3, I have a feeling that it is going to be one outstanding show for Nintendo. The rumors are coming together, i'm getting little tid-bits of news from several sites and I want them to all come out in full force at E3. Reggie says that he has seen core games that have taken longer than expected, Final Fantasy CC: tCB is coming together, Red Steel 2 is coming (a game that I still have high hopes for), Matt C. says we will see a core game that surprises us in quality in April, Nintendo has Wii MotionPlus on the way and Pikmin, Zelda, Mario, Sin & Punishment 2, Wii Sports Resort, and who knows what else!

*gets ready to be disappointed* :(

Nintendo Dream Risk

Do you guys remember the days when System Wars was once good? When people once had fun on the board instead of being restricted under subrosian's philosophy of a more open and perhaps more educated environment? Well, that was the time of System Wars Bets, a really cool feature GRANTED to Gamespot by only a few people. Well, it's now gone because of legal issues. :(

However, Nintendo Dream has created a version of it called Nintendo Dream RISK! We use absolutely no gambling jargon and it presents the same fun environment. So, come on down and place your RISKS! We have awesome sigs and banners made by LegendofNerd! :D

Something Has Happened...


Alastah and I have debated about this for a LONG time. He said I was wasting my time, that nothing I did mattered. Well... Alastah, I WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nintendo Dream - A New Beginning

NDlogo.png Nintendo Dream High Res and Transparent logo image by Nintendo_Dream

Nintendo Dream has entered its 9th month of existance and it is time for a new beginning! Officers have been replaced, topic standards have been raised, events have been planned, and I am happy to say that the rest of the year (until August 15th) is going to be its best quarter ever! Our cooperation with Nintendo Revolution will be getting stronger as well! So, get ready for some awesome times as participation grows higher and higher every day!

Enter The Wii - Today's Nintendo | Do You Want A Revolution?

- Enter The Wii - Today's Nintendo -

My Outlook on Nintendo in Today's Society

Part 2 - Do You Want A Revolution?

nintendo.gif nintendo image by nintendo250

There comes a time in every business when customers start to lose interest. This is caused by a stagnant business strategy. Follow past successes and learn from past mistakes, right? Well, if that were true, then perhaps the gaming industry would have learned from the Gaming Crash of 1983. But perhaps a history lesson is needed?

Early 1980s: 1980-1983

The time of the Arcade and Early Home Consoles:

Named the "Golden Years" by gaming historians, the early 1980's were a time of prosperity in the gaming universe. It seemed that no matter who came in, consumers would gobble up all types of gaming material. Nintendo even hit the scene during this time with the release of Donkey Kong for arcades. Games like Lode Runner, Ms. Packman, Centipede, Defender, Asteroids, and even Galaga were released to huge success.

Mid 1980s: 1983-1985

The Crash

But one sad day, Atari, gaming giant, made the decision to start rushing projects for retail to meet demand. Highly anticipated games like Packman and E.T. came out to appalling results. Atari made the decision that will forever live in the minds of gamers: They buried all their excess games in the middle of the American deserts. This, coupled with over supply and under-demand, created the largest deficit in Gaming History. Companies shut down, games stopped being manufactured, and the fad that was gaming was done for.

Late 1980s: 1986-1990

Nintendo Comes Back

mario_t.gif mario image by theoneknownasdirty

Nintendo, coming out of the crash by their Japanese success, begin to carefully introduce the NES onto American soil. After a year of planning and adapting, they launch the NES to late success (by 1986 it really takes off). All of a sudden gamers could play Mario, Metroid, Zelda, Kid Icarus, Startropics, Megaman, Final Fantasy, and several other new IP's. Exciting times for the Gamers, i'm sure.

Today: The Revolution

bub3-2.gif nintendo revolution. image by nenegirl671 But how does this compare to today? Over saturation of the market. There are currently 3 main companies creating gaming consoles for gamers today. Although some disagree, the market is not large enough to hold three consoles. Exclusives are becoming a thing of the past; no longer do people need to buy all three consoles plus a gaming computer, it just isn't necessary. Nothing surprises gamers these days; we can predict most things that are going to happen anyway.

Nintendo, seeing the incoming doom of the industry, quickly acts to reverse the process. They release the Nintendo DS with certain games that were laughed at, games that would never sell. Nintendogs, Brain Age, and other games were released selling millions.

FutureRevoOwner.jpg Future Nintendo Revolution Owner image by blackcyborg009

Nintendo, following on the success of the DS, introduces the Revolution. They unveil the new controller and promise a gaming experience like no other. But the question is asked; do you want a Revolution?

NintendoHistory.png Nintendo History image by EdNX

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