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Thoughts on the PS3

While this is fresh in my mind, I'd like to say a couple things.

First, finally--a price point.  $499 for the PS3 with a 20GB HDD, and $599 for the 60GB model.  ...This concerns me.  That's a LOT of money.  I already pretty much knew the system wasn't gonna go for less than 500 bucks, but a $100 premium for a lousy 40 GB?  There'd better be a lot more stuff included in the package to justify that level of a price hike.  Seriously. 

Then there's the games shown...my god.  I mean, assuming I get this it's a given the next Gran Turismo is gonna be on my list.  Then there's Ridge Racer (obviously--hope it's better than R: Evolution).  Warhawk still looks pretty sweet, and the new stuff from Insomniac and Naughty Dog is also looking good.  Metal Gear...doesn't interest me.  I'm not one for stealth.

Overall?  I'm going to wait and see how the games develop over time, as well as what launch titles to expect.  I certainly won't be pre-ordering one to have it at launch.  Instead, I'm going to put the money aside now (thank you IRS for giving me my money back!) into a savings account--that way when it does come around, I can have the money and some extra for a couple games when I'm ready to buy.

Of course, there's still the W--Revolution to see.  (I'm sorry.  I refuse to refer to Nintendo's new console by that ridiculous moniker)

Looks promising.  I look forward to more coverage.