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It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year....*dodges rotten fruit*

Ack! Okay, okay, sorry, I know, bad impression, sorry.

So here it is. E3 is upon us here at Gamespot. Much like the full moon, this event seems to draw every nut on the planet out of the woodwork to descend upon the community and wreak havoc upon the moderators and level-headed individuals like myself. You have the MS fanboys on one side, the Sony fanboys on another side, and the poor Nintendo fanboys caught in the middle. The first salvo is fired, usually an MS fanboy first. "Teh Xbox 360 iz guna totally kick sonys ass!" The battle is joined as the Sony milita responds in kind. "O no it isnt cuz the ps3 has more tflops then the suckbox so its bettar!!!" Thus they go back and forth, back and forth, launching crudely-phrased insults, homosexual references and disparaging comments about each others' parental relations, often implying their opponent's family tree doesn't fork. Occasionally one of the Nintendo loyal will wander into the fray and say something supremely stupid like "O YAH WELL TEH NINTENDO REVOLUTION IZ BETER THEN YUR ST00PID S***BOX AND SUCKSTATION AND IF U DONT THINK SO UR GHEY!!". For a brief moment the MS and Sony fanboys will join in pounding upon the hapless, though loudmouthed combatant.

The truly frightening aspect of all this is that this is merely the beginning. The war has just begun anew. We won't see the end of this until sometime near the end of the decade, when the next Xbox and Playstation emerge from the inky shadows onto the market at E3 2010. Then the PS3 and XBox360 and Nintendo..whatever it is..will be forgotten in favor of the new systems...and once again the battle will be rejoined by a new crowd of eager 14-year-old prepubescent jerkwads with the collective IQ of a bar of soap.

But that's just how I see it.