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E3 Thoughts

I saw a lot of stuff covered this year that at least piqued my interest. Full Auto, for one, looks like it'll be fun--sort of a cross between Wipeout and Burnout, and you can't go wrong there (as Wipeout XL and Burnout 3 are two of my all-time favorite racing games). I'll be looking forward to sampling that on the Xbox360 when it hits retail later this year.

Speaking of the Xbox360, I want one. I'll probably get the base console first, and get a HDD upgrade if they're available seperately. Personally I think they will--and SHOULD. Not only would it allow you to basically have unlimited storage space (in a usable size..not like some dinky 8MB memory card) but it would easily allow multiple users to keep their save games totally seperate from each other. So I'm probably going to get one of those sooner or later.

Same with the PS3. As it'll also have a detachable HDD (along with--about damn time--an SD card slot!) you can expect the same thing here. If the hard drive is a reasonable price I'll get that. If not, I'll just use SD cards for save games (I can get some really big ones cheap). I'll admit right now the PS3 is a lower priority. I haven't seen anything that's coming out for it that I feel I HAVE to have right now. Sure, there's the next Gran Turismo, maybe Killzone 2, probably a few other Sony franchises (like Grand Theft Auto) but most of that hasn't even been technically confirmed--just assumed to happen.

There are more games though that look to be really good for all the consoles. Burnout: Revenge DEFINITELY has my attention, after how good Burnout 3 was I'm definitely getting THIS one. Starcraft Ghost also looks like it'll be a blast, although stealth action isn't really my speed. I'm sure it'll be fun in its own way though. I'm not sure about 2 Days to Vegas. While it looks like a GTA knockoff, from the descriptions I've read it sounds like it's not going to be totally open-ended, instead playing out from one mission to the next. I find that kind of disappointing, but none of this has actually been confirmed so I'll have to wait and see. If I had a Gamecube the new Zelda would probably be on my shopping list. But since I don't have one, I'm not really paying attention. Halo 3, however, is certainly on my radar. I enjoyed Halo thoroughly, I enjoy Halo 2 thoroughly (but the ending left something serious to be desired) and I'm sure I'll enjoy Halo 3 thoroughly. My main concern with it, however, is time. From now they have less than one year to complete the game and ship it to release it on their target date. I'm predicting now that they will either A: miss their target or B: produce some half-assed, barely-playable pile of garbage. Considering how Bungie handles their projects, I'm predicting A. Halo 3 at PS3 launch is NOT going to happen, unless the game is already a large part of the way finished (ie they started work on it almost as soon as Halo 2 shipped). It took them more than 2 years to build Halo 2. I don't see them building its sequel in less than half that time, especially for a brand-new console.

That's the long and short of it basically. That's what I saw I wanted, and eventually what I plan to wind up with.