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The World of Making Videogames: Girls need not apply.

Hahaha. Boys like to make fun of girls for PMS because the hormones make us emotional, right? To this I have a single reply. Which gender invented the monster truck rally?

I swear, the gal games on the market honestly enrage me. A CNN 24/7 scandal needs to happen over Secret Agent Barbie. I picked this up from Wal-Mart on a whim to give to my niece. Because I care enough about her to insure she is not exposed to ideas that are not frankly stupid, I tested it first. Life is not a braindead world of niceness. So refuse to give my niece material that portrays it that way.

Boys, women in America are crash test dummies. For all of history, women have been subjegated. My generation is the first generation of gals that get to explore a world with both the female mindset, and the fact that people in America today are not absentmindedly sexist, and equate women as equals. Good luck to me conducting this experiment.

Dance Dance Revolution rocks. Space Channel 5 Rocks. Even The Guy Game rocks cause I like to have fun with the boys. Can't we have more fun with games like this? Yet I get more crap for boys with testosterone wanting to blow stuff up, it ruins the rest of the market.

Girls can succum to Super Mario addiction as well as the rest of you guys, CAN YOU GIVE US GAMES ABOUT ISSUES GIRLS FIND COMPELLING MORE THAN CONTRA SHATTERED SOLDIER?