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Is it time to pack it in?

Gather round, children, and let Uncle Jubino tell you a story. There comes a time when a man must decide what he will be for the rest of his life, and I fear my time to decide is drawing to a close. So many dreams I've had, but I'm starting to wake up. I'm a 20-something and I've wasted my life. Many opportunities were given, and I chose poorly.

My parents won't be around forever. Every day they're closer to slipping past the point of no return, and ultimately, pass away. As I realize this, the more apparent it becomes that without them, I would be ****ed.

Perhaps my time has passed for me to finish school. Sure, I work and support myself to some degree, but the worst part about it is not only knowing that without them I'd be in trouble, but seeing people I grew up with now with children of their own and a steady job (maybe not fantastic, but at least enough to support themselves). I think it's time to put away my dreams and become one of them. I hate to say it, but maybe it's time to grow up, even if that means taking a less than stellar job to make sure I have a future.

Now we're in the 11th hour...

A brief update on GameMarket:

I noticed that the Gamespot program says it's hosted by glyde, so a short google search prove to me what I already assumed, that my account worked for both sites. The money I had acquired, which took about a week and a half between when the sales were made and when my money was deposited, could now be used toward the purchase of games, movies and books. I used my money to buy the Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection and True Blood Season 3, and I still have over $50 to spare.

Anywho, 11th hour. This is the time of year when gamers go broke. The vast majority of the best games of the year come out between now and Christmas, not to mention amazing deals on older games via sales promotions and Black Friday. I guess I only really need one kidney, after all :P. What will you guys be buying?

GameMarket Part Tre

Now that a few days have passed, I figured I'd type up a brief update on how things went. On Monday I ended up listing 8 different games. Of those 8, only one had not sold by midnight that night, so I removed that game. Here is the list of games I sold, along with their prices. The price on the left is my actual profit and on the right is the trade-in value on amazon.com:

Heavy Rain(PS3): $17.89-$18.00

Prototype(PS3): $9.09-$6.00

InFamous 2(PS3): $21.19-$21.00

Elder Scrolls IV: The Shivering Isles(360): $9.09-$5.00

Portal 2(360): $18.55-$10.00

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood(PS3): $14.59-$16.20

Mortal Kombat(360): $23.17-$25.00

Grand Total: $113.57 on GameMarket vs. $101.20 on Amazon

So at the end of the day, I suppose you don't really come out much further ahead using the GameMarket, but its simplicity and speed may give it the edge. So far I've only been on the selling end of the transaction, and I've already received 3/7 envelopes, and possibly the rest today. As soon as I receive my funds for my games, I'm sure I'll be buying a few things, so stay tuned :D

GameMarket Test Part 2

After just a few short hours of having signed up for Gamespot's GameMarket, 3 of the 7 games posted have sold. Collectively I am to receive $56.31 for the games opposed to the amazon trade-in value of $51.20, so as you can see there isn't a whole lot of difference in price if you follow the market instead of pricing more closely to the pre-owned price of other used dealers.

I sold my games for much cheaper than what Gamestop is asking for pre-owned copies, yet I'm making more money than had I traded it in. And therein lies the beauty. Gives great deals, get great deals. I sell for less, you sell for less, and we're all happy :)

GameMarket Test...AWAY!!!!!

So I'm not sure how many of you guys and gals are using the GameMarket feature on here yet, but we've most definitely all seen something about it at least. Earlier today I was checking out game prices and wondering how I can come up with some extra scratch. I did some digging around and eventually signed up for the market. Within about half an hour I had already sold my first game. I didn't think it would happen so fast, but I was able to sell Mortal Kombat for $27.75 (the suggested market value). Unfortunately you don't keep it all. this is how it broke down:

Price: $27.75

Mailer Cost: $1.25

Fee: $3.33

Actual Final Profit: $23.17

From my understanding, the mailer is a pre-addressed envelope they send to you with the buyer's address all filled out and ready to go. The fee is what they charge to use their website to sell, much like ebay, which is 12% of the total amount.

All in all I'm still for it. Some of the prices are the best around, and even with the fees, according to CAG the gamestop trade-in price for Mortal Kombat is $22.00, so I'm actually $1.17 ahead and never had to leave my bedroom. I'll make more updates as I continue to use the market, but so far I definitely approve.

Just finished Gears of War 3

What an intense night. Thankfully I don't have to work today, because my friends and I went to the midnight release of Gears last night and played all the way through the campaign with 4-player system link co-op. Believe the hype. If anyone has any questions about the game, feel free to ask away.

It's been a long time...

I hope everyone had a better summer than me :P. I spent the entire summer working. Now that fall is just around the corner, I've found myself with a little more time to play games. Unfortunately, my consoles had other plans. Just a week ago I finally got my PS3 back from Sony after getting the YLOD. Just yesterday, my Xbox got the RROD. Somebody say something funny before I lose my mind :(

I'd like an opinion on this matter

So I pre-ordered L.A. Noire for the PS3 through Gamestop. That pre-order entitles me to an extra case and a gun (whoopee). Anyway, I've had second thoughts about this lately. Since I don't have a gamestop nearby, I ordered it online, so I not only have to pay for shipping, but also have to wait for it to arrive. I've considering just buying it at my local Walmart, but another thing is that I used game credit for my pre-order, so I acually paid maybe $25 total.

Preorder Pros:

Bonus case and gun

Paid for (mostly in credit)

Preorder Cons:

Paid $3-4 extra for shipping

Will not receive on release day

Can't download DLC anyway :P (cruddy internet and PSN not work so good)

Walmart Pros:

Have on release day

No shipping charge

Keep trade-in credit at Gamestop

Walmart Cons:

Lose pre-order bonus

More money out of pocket

What should I do? :O

I guess I do have a soul...

It's true. Like most kids this generation, I've become desensitized to most things gory and morally deviant thanks to the internet. Lately I've been playing the bejeezuz out of the new Mortal Kombat. Unable to figure them out myself, I finally caved a few days ago and looked up the babality codes...ahem, kodes. So after about a two week binge of decapitations, spine removals and crotch shots courtesy of Johnny Cage, I finally feel something.

I don't know what it is about the babalities, but all but a select few make me really upset. I don't mind tossing an adult fighter off the side of a bridge to be impaled by spikes below, but when I see the baby versions of these fighters get hurt and start to bawl, I can't help but feel guilty, even if they were kicking my teeth in two seconds before that. Maybe that's just my nature, but I can't bring myself to hurt anything that can't or won't hurt me, babies included.

Scary as all get out

I had a horrible dream a couple nights ago. It goes as such:

I was sitting in my kitchen eating a bowl of cereal before work. I wasn't paying attention to the morning news, but I heard something about several people being found mutilated in the woods. I got ready, met up with my buddy, and went to the train station. It was unusually crowded, and I became increasingly claustrophobic.

Finally the train arrived, but as I stepped toward it in the shoulder-to-shoulder crowd, I felt a slight sting on my abdomen as a man quickly darts past me. I caught a quick glimpse of the man, but it really didn't hurt too bad. Thinking he must have accidentally scratched me, I got on the train as if nothing was wrong. On the ride I noticed a small spot of blood (or jelly) on my shirt. Lifting it up slowly, I notice there is a small cut, maybe an inch in length, and as thin as a razor. It isn't bleeding, so I go on about my business.

Later at work, the pain begins to grow. I lift up my shirt, but notice something strange. This time, the cut seems to be larger. Now doubled in length, it also appears to be splitting open, revealing pink, tender skin beneath, closely resembling a stretch mark. Still not much blood.

My dream then fast-forwards to after work. I'm sitting on my couch and notice that my shirt feels wet. I immediately run to the bathroom, and I'm horrified at what I find. The cut is now several inches wide, almost 6 inches in length, and the only thing separating my organs and tissue from the outside world is a thin, almost completely transparent, patch of pink flesh, ooze glistening in my bathroom's fluorescent lights. Never knowing when to leave well enough alone, I touch it. I close my eyes and gasp as a feel the tissues, muscles, and organs within the cavity. As a pull my hand away, I realize something is wrong. I feel movement. I look down to discover my skin has stuck to my hand and peeled away like wet tissue paper. Suddenly, my innards begin to...shift, pushing outward through the now gaping hole. I try to hold my body together, but it's no use. Every slight movement causes the tear to grow, each breath pushing my insides out. The sheer shock of the situation causes me to pass out...

I awaken moments later on a makeshift operating table, my stomach covered in staples. A man in scrubs approaches with a fork in hand, and holds it above my face. On the ends of the prongs is a pinkish substance, looking much potted meat. He shoves the prongs into my nostrils. Startled by the move, I breath in, causing me to choke on the "meat". As I cough and gag, he pulls his surgical mask down and says, "What's the matter? Don't recognize your own scent?". I nearly vomit when I notice the table next to him. There were only two items on it: a hot plate, and a glass bowl filled with what looked to be skin and assorted muscle and tissue. He looks me right in the eye and smiles as I struggle in my restraints. At that moment I realize this was the same man at the train station. I yell for help, and hear footsteps heading in my direction. He prepares to jump through the window, but then turns and walks back over to me. He leans in as close as possible, and right in my ear, whispers, "See you soon...". I feel two more stings...

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