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More Games = Less Fun

ah the days of school. i remember begging my mum for weeks and months for MGS 2. lucky i got it on release day and i was like OMFG!!!! BEST GAME EVER!!!! and i remember getting my xbox 360 and playing halo 3 co-op the same day day until like 2 a.m.

now i dont get like that. if i dont like a game i'll just think "no big deal, i'll just buy another 1". plus i never really get excited about a game anymore. yeah i'm looking forward to the darkness 2 and ZOE HD collection but i'm like hyped like ionce was. maybes it's true that having too much money to spend on games ruins it, maybe games arent as good as they once were.... hmmm.........

Dirt 3 is S#!.... oh wait, haven't i said this about Dirt 2???

Ah yes, Dirt 3... what a poor excuse for a "Rally" game. It drops the name of Colin McRae (how strange :?) and now has a massive interest in this gymkhana non-sense.

When i first saw the early previews of Dirt 3 i thought that it was ok because there was alot of old classic cars and more rallys. it seemed that it was going back to the original Dirt or early Colin McRae games of old. But i haven't seen or heard of many rallys. Instead it's just some nob head who says "drifting on tarmac will make you go faster" (WTF!!! no wonder he hasn't scored a single point in WRC) and his drifting skills. Even though (funny thing) on Colin McRae's Documentary he says that the car is always in a slide towards a corner so it's not that difficult to drift, just to maintain speed (which this guys WRC career clearly suggests he isn't doing very well).

Oh, and i also have seen a GT1 car go off road on a Kenyan rally stage..... "£%^£$"%$Y^%"% %*^&(&$%£$%"$!!!!!

I wont even bother with explaining why that's messed up.

It's... so sad to see a game crumble under the weight of an American prick who can't do the things that this game is trying to do (rally). A sad day for all us rally fans......

*puts gun to head, cocks back the hammer... prays for a quick death and closes eyes............*

Your On TV!...how?

Yes, i am jealous... who wouldn't be? Today i saw yet another person i know on TV. Ok so it was just for an envirophone advert but still it sucks that they get on TV.

I have done acting (college and 1 year of uni) and have been on TV (only because again i knew someone off Big Brother). But when you have a stutter (not on stage) and go from a part that has 5 lines to a leading role (when you were deemed un-fit in the first place) and come out tops, it's strange how people get on TV when they never finished the course or was rarely in :S.

It does make you think "where did i go wrong?". But even when i was doing acting i would always bang on about games all the time anyway (much more interesting and are becoming just as popular as movies, but no one ever saw that fact). Maybe i should of done something in Gaming but you have to do boring courses that have no reason to make you better. How do you apply for that anyway?

SENTUAMESSAGE!.... answer it then!!!!!..... oh wait i know the answer already

Ah, inside xbox's famous answer show. They will search far and wide to answer questions!... that nobody cares about or you already know the answer to. It makes me sick.

It hasn't even been 24 hours since i asked"will there be a demo for World Rally Championship?" and i already know the answer to that (yes).It took almost 200-300 messages and 6 months of asking "is there a new hitman game in the works?". There magic answer.... not at the moment. WTF!? IKNOW THAT!I thought these guys got paid tofind out more than what i know, but yet i'm answering my own questions (sometimes others on facebook).

I guess they will never tell us about a new Elder Scrolls gameor anything non COD (Call Of Duty... like you don't know what COD means) related. Theres more information on here and thats how i get to know the asnwers to the questions i'm asking. But these 2 dorks have the best job in the world. 1 has been on xbox live for as long as i have and i have a higher gamerscore than he has (i know gamerscore means jack, but for someone who gets PAID to play games ALL day.... yeah kind of crap really), and the other is obsessed with Street Fighter 4. I'm sorry but the game is over hyped, boring and hard. They say it's popular but i know no one on my friends list or any body else on any of my friends friendlist who plays it or who has played it.

Answer questions!!! (good one's as well, non of that crap that everyone knows the answers to)

Where do i send my CV in to apply for there job?

Arnold Katayev chats utter b******s!

p>.... Do you hear that, slight rumble coming from over the hill........ no? That is the inevitable sound of Gran Turismo coming out on PSP.

Yes just one day away now to get hold of something which all owners of psp's have been waiting for just as much as MGS, GTA and Burnout for this platform. It really has been too long since I've bought a game that makes me not put down my PSP (Burnout Legends is still my all time best). The last game I got on PSP was Monster Hunter Freedom Unite which I thought was a good game but just didn't grab my attention for the long periods of time that it said it would.

So reading into what critics have said about GT for the PSP (despite not having a career mode of any sort) it looks set to do the job. I've read the review here, IGN, Gaming Age and other various sites. Until I read a review by Arnold Katayev on PSX Extreme.

Oh... MY... God!

This guy gave this game a proper slating and not the good kind where you at least pin point good parts as well, he ignored them and just worried about the flaws. It was a constant moanfest with "oh it doesn't have career" and "oh you can't buy upgrade parts" and "oh it misses some tracks that nobody liked anyway". And it goes on with the audio and on with how it could have looked better at 30 fps and not 60 fps. I mean this guy gets paid to be a critic and yet does the same thing which every non true gamer does and expects more instead of appreciating what's given to them. You should like GT for what it is, a racer! So let's focus on that shall we.

He says it was good at handling, the cars are great (although he did dig on them a bit), it's got good multiplayer (but he did moan no online but I come to expect that from GT and the PSP) and it looks great (although the fps moan did seem petty). Adding all those points together which are the main factors of a racing game and they all say that it's a good game. So why does this guy moan and ramble about the bad points and not the good ones. In my personal opinion... he just isn't a good critic or proper gamer.

The review here got it right and highlighted its flaws clearly but mainly focused on what's good. But isn't that the whole point in reviews, you want to hear the bad but especially the good right?

lost gem's and where are they now???

Ah, the sweet old memories...

Playing on Metal Gear Solid 2 and having to freeze all the C4 with the coolant spray.

Tapping buttons until your fingers bleed to get muscular at the gym in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Shoot a guy in the face and steal his clothes in Hitman.

And who can forget driving the Escudo at stupid speeds in Gran Turisimo.

Looking back at my time with games has left with loads of memories. Some be it recent with XBOX Live and the time Gears Of War 2 glitched while I was being chainsawed and I wriggled on my knees hovering about the map haunting people. Or being stone dead last but stealing it on the last corner on Project Gotham Racing 4. To the days of old like turning super sonic for the first time. Or playing Tony Hawk on two player. There has just been so many that I couldn't list them all because there are too many. That's what makes a game that bit extra special for me, when it has those stand out moments that you talk to your friends about (or so them). Even to this day when I first experienced the epic fight scene in Zone of the Enders 2 (the bit where you fight thousands of enemies at once) has remained my all time favioute stand out moment in gaming. For my brother it's the (*SPOILER ALEART!!!* FOR GEARS OF WAR 2!!! PLEASE LOOK AWAY IF YOU HAVNE'T COMPLETED THE GAME!!!) scene where Dom find's his wife in Gears Of War 2 But kill's her due to what's happened to her.

But this brings me onto what will be next? I hoping Bioshock 2 will have these moments just as the first one did. And will the news of Sonic returning to 2D finally return the series to its golden era again? I can't say for sure but I know that I'll have allot more stand out moments before I know the answers... But then I'll have to do this all over again.

Review one of many to come!

I have just done a review for FUEL on xbox 360 today.

This will be the first of many reviews to come. My next review will be SEGA Superstars Tennis (i know, strange game to pick but i'm not doing any big titles as of yet because i want to get some reviewing practice first). If anyone has any reviews they have done themselves that they would like me to read or indeed help with then please let me know.

Dirt 2


The demo of Colin McRae Dirt 2 became available on Xbox live today. As a big fan of the Rally legend (and his games) I was hyped up to the eyeballs about getting to play it. I hoped it wouldn't be too Americanized and gave McRae the dedication and remembrance that he so rightfully deservers. oh how they ruined his name.

Don't get me wrong, the game is good but there was no dedication or British feel to the game what so ever. Considering it's called "Colin McRae" Dirt 2 and when did Americans do rally, I mean proper WRC rally not that pointless rally cross trash! I was disgusted as I remember McRae for what he has done (been to WRC several times) and thought this game would honour him rightfully.

But no, it's just game sales at the end of the day isn't it Mr American man?

Again, don't get me wrong, this is a great game. But to use Colin McRae's name and not respect that one tiny bit has made me sick... I will not being getting this game anymore.


The review for Wolfenstein is finally here (I've waited for ages for this) and after playing Wolfenstein 3D (on XBLA) readying myself up I see something... wrong.



This doesn't make any sense to me. Quake 4 (my favorite FPS of all time) scored 8.0 on PC and 6.6 on 360 and that deserves so much more in y opinion. So Quake 4 didn't do any new, and so doesn't Wolfenstein... who cares! It isn't all about new things and moving forward every time a new FPS comes out. I mean Halo hasn't changed at all in the 3 FPS games it's released (and ODST is looking... well the same). But Halo scores high because it's fun and that's all that matters.

So I think Wolfenstein has had a harsh blow, but I do agree with what the review says but just not the score. And they could have pointed out more it's good points aswell.