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i hate today

i hate today because me and my girl wanted to go to the beach but stupid weather...gotta freaking rain
argh next weekend will be good i hope we will go then
hopefully nice weather all around


no food left at home only stupid pizza thing should i eat it?
ah yea why not nothing else to eat anyway


ok yesterday was good but argh we traveled hella far ahahaa
according to the map we walked 20 miles there and back total for 40 miles 0_0
my legs hurt but hey im fine
it was fun
and then we walked past road kill
a dead racoon on the road
still fresh at death
on our way back it was shredded all over the road omg ribs and blood all over the place and still a big chunk of it left on the road good lord as we walked past a truck ran it over and made this disgusting squish sound and blood squirt out too
sooo nasty and it smelled stink
oh and we also saw a freaking tiger what you think about that some rich people had one for a pet in their back yard i was like wtf!!! a tiger her in the middle of nowhere thats crazy

todays seems good

hrmm today will seem like a good day.
going out with girl today
I am gonna do her nails my self ahahahah
then gonna go out walking for a while and talk about things
cause you know thats what we do i guess
so yea i cant wait
jus waiting for her to wake up so we can start our day

well wow

hrmm no school today and what did i do? nothing nothing at all
im waiting for my girlfriend to wake up so we can do something till then i stare at the phone waiting for it to ring...
hrmm maybe i should pass the time and go play san andreas?
ah but everytime i turn it on she wakes up
happens all the time
hah now that i think of it its a good idea i should go turn it on cause then she will awaken hah
im soo smart


school was annoying today....oh and i have no school tomorrow and on monday woooo

today no games?!

yep today i never played any video games so yep feels great maybe it be like this more often you know?
well tomorrow ill most likely play GTA:SA who knows? only time may tell
well thats it for me gonna go talk on teh phone