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omfg i just got interviewed for college at AIU (American Intercontinental University) and got accepted and will be getting my bachelors in criminal justice
woots too me

not too good

well today me and my girl fought...it was all my fault
i let her freeze because i was mad at something not true.
i didnt walk her to her 4 hour and to the bus stop
i felt really bad for what i done and went to go look for her waiting for her bus and when i found her we just hug each other as long as we could before she got on her bus
i felt even more bad cause she was freezing and i left her there by her self
she started crying when i held her which in turn almost made me cry


argh all day today i was soooo tired
to add on to the affect it was raining all day
and it was cold in all the classes
fell asleep in 2 3 and 4 period


i got sunburn from the beach on sunday
im red and burnt hope i dun get skin cancer

argh seriously

this happened about 2 weeks ago and now its coming back to me.
2 weeks ago some teacher in the hall started yelling at me and my girl cause the late bell jus rang he says to go to class i say ok so i give my girl a kiss on the cheek and say good bye and its when the guy gets mad and goes into my girls classroom and starts yelling infront of everyone "oh shes late because she was out here making out with her boyfriend" i was like omfg it was a simple good bye kiss and its none of his business nor anyone elses so he turns to me again says get to class so i start walking and i still hear him yelling at me so i turn to him and say "you know you should mind you own damn business"
well he made a refferal against me and just today i got called in
the guy was a ass and threaten to slap me if i said that to him out side of school and that "DAMN" is a swear word (which i did not know) so i reply back so i said to mind your damn business to you outside school you would slap me? he says yes and i say why the hell would you slap me for saying that to you its not even your business and because i said damn?!
now seriously i also added hah go ahead and slap me ill press charges against your ASS and he didnt say anything about me saying ass now did he? i wonder why because he knows he said wrong. well anyway he threaten me with a detention and a 3 day suspension for saying "DAMN" to a teacher....now come one seriously omg white people these days i hate them...freaking hairs up their asses all of them jews and all. but i went to go talk to another person in the adminstration because i didnt like this guys attitude and this guy was very nice and let me go with jus a detention.

finaly got to play games

well today after not playing anything for a while i got to play san andreas after so long of not playing
on my freewill of course
almost a month of no games how you like that
i did it all by my self no one else woots to me