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Violence and Videogames.

As a gamer who has been playing "violent" videogames, since the first became controversial. There are a few simple questions for people who believe violence in the media cause people to commit violent acts in public. Why do other countries in which people play the same video games Americans do, not have these problems? You do realize violence pre-dates videogames by a few thousand years, right? If you want to get rid off forms of violent media, does that include "holy" books such as the Bible, Quran and Torah? Whenever ever such tragedies happen in America. Politicians like to blame ambigious outside sources other than the actual people who commit the acts. Videogames, movies and music always make easy targets for these type rhetorical attacks.

A rant towards Capcom.

What the hell are you doing with some of your great franchises? I have been playing many of your franchises since the days of Nintendo. Now it seems you want to keep letting outside developers make your games, which has been turning out to be a horrible failure. Street Fighter 4 was the first game of this generation that failed to deliever on the quality of previous titles, than Marvel vs Capcom 3 also fell short. Now with the release of DmC little over a month away, another excellent Capcom franchise has been ruined by outside developers. I am sure this is the company's way of expanding on franchises or giving your own people a break. However, this experiment of yours isn't working. Maybe is a a newer fanbase grabbing onto these games, but many long time fans are not happy with the changes and most importantly not paying for these games.