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Farewell For Now My Friends...

Yeah guys it's been great here but I just don't have the time to come around here as much as I used to. Most of you have noticed my severe drop in activity but I haven't actually told anyone I quit yet except for Dax and Pepsi. I'm just really busy with my Xbox and I have basketball practice almost everyday along with homework. I usually go on Giantbomb.com now where they have an awesome Podcast and a quick forum with lots of interestig topics and it usually doesn't take up a lot of my time. So guys since this is Easter break I might post in a few unions but for the moment I'm gone. I may return some day, and I'll miss all you guys!

Dax - I'll be talking to you on MSN anyways so not a lot has changed. I wish you the best of luck in all your unions.

Pepsi - You probably won't be reading this since you quit too but you were a great friend and a great leader and I'll talk to you some more on Xbox live.

Combatsoldier - You are one of the people in my life that I respect the most and I love your dedication to everything you do. Maybe I'll have some matches with you and the old clan.

Bak - You posted in the Blue Wind when no one else would and you are an awesome leader in all your unions. I wish you luck too!

PolskaKing - We didn't know each other very long but you seemed like a great guy and we had a fun time in one of the topics over in Combat's union. Keep on being Polish and proud!

Mythic - A lot of people have gave you a hard time over being metal and being emo but when you be yourself that just makes you even more awesome. Don't be anything you don't want to be just because people don't like who you are.

Dilan - Even though you aren't around much anymore you invited me to my first union and I'll always have you to blame for my Gamespot addiction :P. I wish you the best of luck in Runescape.

Dark Soul - We hardly know each other but I just wanted to congratulate you and Azurite for actually keeping a relationship over the computer. I probably would never be able to do that :P. I wish you guys the best of luck.

Denny - I admired how much you like metal music and how you always buy the CD's instead of burning them off. Keep on rocking!

Well guys it's been a long while since I've been here so if I didn't write your name down you still have a place in my memories it's just it's late at night after a long day and I couldn't remember it :P. You guys are what made this place awesome in the first place and I hope to see all you around if I ever come back.

Peace :)

My New Profile!

I have a new header and banner thanks to my good friend Daxter223. I think he does amazing work, and I love the new layout a lot more than the old one (The old one was Dax's earlier work). He is currently taking requests by PM and on a few unions and he does different kinds of work in case you don't like my profile. He's also an Officer at the Artist's Canvas. Here's a link to his gallery thread at the Artists Canvas: Click Me

Thoughts On The RE5 Demo

I was really looking forward to playing this and even had to make another account on Xbox live just to download it (I needed an adult account) and I have to say so far so good. Here are some things that are good and bad.

The Good:

More realistic (You can see the guns that Chris has outside of the inventory, enemies can kill you while you are picking in your inventory)

Better Graphics

Good Controls (Never played the gamecube RE4 so even for someone used to Wii controls it was easy to play with)

Co-op (Never used it but it seems good)

The Bad:

An annoying blue line at the top of the screen

Put against tough enemies right away (Hammer guy,chainsaw dude) Probably won't be like that in the main game though.

Some bad things I can see with co-op online are ammo hogs and people that leave you to die

Felt kind of short

Overall awesome, and with some changes to the bad, improvements to the good, and some more things thrown in this is my most highly anticipated game ever!

One Year Anniversery To Gamespot!

Yup I've been here for a year now and I'd be level 24 if it wasn't for that modding. Feels like I've been here a lot longer, especially in RSFOU. That's all I really have to say about that :P

Oh yeah and I bought Halo 2 yesterday and I'm liking the campaign wayy more than Halo 3's already. Still have to beat Halo 3 on legendary though....

Peace :D

After The Incident....

It's been a while since the Blue Wind incident but no one has confessed to who done it. I fear for the unions life (Kind of sounds over dramatic but I didn't know how to put it) If I don't soon open it again and just try and sort out some topics to make sure it doesn't happen again. I really don't want anyone else to get in trouble and get modded (Sorry to Dax, Murat and anyone else...).

In other news I think I may be officially retiring from Runescape tonight because my membership is running out today and I'm too busy tomorrow to go on it. What effect this will have on my Runescape related unions I don't know...

Oh and I decided that I'm getting the Katana on Halo 3 to match my Hayabusa armor. Might take a couple of weeks or so but I'll get it.

Anyways guys Peace! :D

I Got Modded On My Own Union!

What is up with that! They took away more than 50% of my next level too! And the cause of the point loss was participating in a "This Or That" topic on the Blue Wind and since that's an off-topic union it should be fine! My good friend Dax also got modded for the same reason and maybe other members did too... Come on guys who reported us and what is going on here?!

I'm Officially 14! XD

Today is my 14'th birthday and almost one year anniversary to the site! It really doesn't feel any different buy oh well I'm getting older :P

And also I have 3 360 games in mind to buy... Should I buy Call of Duty 5, Call of Duty 4, or GTA 4?

Edit: Well my birthday is officially over and it was a pretty good one I must say! I ended up getting a new cordless phone (Which is great because I'm always on the phone) and about 200 more dollars so I'm definitely getting one of the above games because I have over $300 now!

Happy New Years!

Happy New Year's everyone! :D

2008 was a pretty good year for me (And I hope it was for all of you) and my one year Gamespot anniversary is coming up in about a month :D

I also got to level 23 today which is actually surprising considering some people have been here for 2 years and aren't even that level (Which means I'm on Gamespot wayyy too much).

I'm not on so much now because I'm always outside or playing Xbox but I'll try my best to still come around a bit for union's sake

Peace! :D

My Christmas Blog... Better Late Than Never

Well first off I just wanted to tell you guys I hope you had a great of Christmas as I had and you got everyyhing you wanted!

Well I got my Xbox Elite with Halo,Gears 2, oblivion, Bioshock, and Rock Band 2 so that's going to keep me away from Gamespot for the most apart until school starts. I don't have my live hooked up but when I do I'll be sure to make another blog with my ID and the games I'm going to be playing on it soon.

I also got an 8 GB iPod Chromatic, A pair of special edition nike Hyperdunk basketball shoes, 3 movies, a wireless controller, and $200 to spend on more Xbox stuff. Probably my best Christmas (Gift Wise) that I've had in a while.

Anyways guys enjoy the holidays, Peace! :D