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Level 6!!!

Lol, I made it to level six. It's funny, cause two days ago, I did a lot of stuff to level up my level, but it only went up 9%. Yesterday, I didn't do hardly anything, and it went up 21%. Wow. So, now that I am level six, I'm starting The Pokemon Dungeon Union. Please leave a comment on this blog if you would like to join. Enrollment is open, but I would like to get a few people to vouch as members, or possibly even charter members. Thanks!

Nintendo DS Lite!

Oh ya!  My birthday is on Tuesday this week, and I'm gonna get a Nintendo DS Lite (Plus Brain Age)!  Sweet.  Dang I can't wait.  I have about three more days to go...

Pokemon Dungeon Union

Okay, so I'm really close to getting to level six - and for those of you who haven't yet figured this out, never sign out of Gamespot, cause if you stay signed in you get a little bit of credit towards leveling up.  Once I hit level six either tomorrow or Sunday, I will start the Pokemon Dungeon Union (PDU).  I have already begun creating tags for my Union, and I will soon begin to make a banner and avatar thingy.  If you would like to join, then feel free, as long as you aren't going to join just to bash pokemon.  The Union is about all things pokemon, but the main focus will be the new games that aren't part of the regular RPG series - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue and Red Rescue Team.  These two games will be released in the U.S. on September 18, 2006.  Man I can't wait!  So, yeah, join my union if you like Pokemon.  Coming Soon!

I'm Back

Well, I'm back from my cousin's, and I played my GameBoy a lot while I was gone.  I played my LeafGreen Pokemon Version, and I raised my Larvitar to a Tyranitar, and took on the Elite Four again, but it got harder this time - I barely could beat my rival cause he got all new Pokemon.  I had fun swimming in the pool and stuff.  I am really looking forward to my birthday at the end of June, cause I will probably get a Nintendo DS Lite!!! Yay.

Gone for the Weekend

I'm going to my cousin's house for a few days, so I won't be back on until probably Monday night or Tuesday.  I hope my level doesn't go down at all.  I guess I could always check on Gamespot from his house.  The cool thing is that my uncle (my cousin's dad) is really rich cause he is an eye doctor, so they have a really nice house and a pool and stuff - here I come, pool...I mean cousins!

100 posts!!!

Lol!  wow i made a big deal out of that...well, i just recently started using Gamespot, and I'm slowly reaching my level six, and when I do, I will start my union.  I just wanted to post this blog since I don't blog much and I needed an excuse to blog again...100 posts.


I just started joining a lot of Unions, so send me union invites if you think that you would like me to join your union.  I know that nobody reads my blogs, but I write them anyway!  I heard about some new Pokemon Diamond/Pearl info that was just released.  One cool feature that they brought back is day/night, except now there are 5 periods of daytime!  This game is gonna be sweet.  I posted this on a board earlier, but I am gonna use the girl character, at least for one game since the guy looks ridiculous and he is wearing a beret!  Yeah, okayyy...anyway, I am really looking forward to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, I can't wait.  I probably have said that thirty times now, :)  Oh well.  I think I'll get Pokemon Emerald for my B-day on June 27th to hold me over until Mystery Dungeon and Diamond/Pearl.  That way I can get my Pokemon dose of playing, and when I get diamond or pearl, I can trade between the games.  Yay!  Okay, done for now.

Yay! My first blog....

Ok, so this is my first blog.  I've had an account with GAmespot since the end of 2004, but I didn't start actually using my membership until now, over a year and a half later.  So, I'm on summer break from school and I have a lot more time to waste on the computer now, so I probably will.  Please don't send me messages about my tags page, I know that I did them incorrectly, but I really don't care.  Yeah, so if you like Pokemon, RPG's or just a lot of the games that I have in my collection, track me and I'll track you back.  Yay, blogging is fun.