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@DigitalDame: Thanks for putting this in the week's bug report btw. Glad to know its being taken care of.

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@Makana: I havent received any email alerts on updates but it might be an option somewhere in the settings on the site.

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@Makana: Yeah. Just search for a game you want to follow. Click on the platform you want to follow it on. Then click the follow button on the game's page. To view a list of updates of all your followed games either just click on the newsfeed button at the top or go to profile and click the newsfeed tab. BTW ign doesnt do nearly as many news updates on games as Gamespot used to before the website change. That's why im still hoping Gamespot fixes the problem, or at least acknowledges that they are working on it.

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Ive made a couple of threads about this already and ive seen quite a few more about this problem, but it still has yet to be fixed. So i thought id make one final thread that is as clear and detailed as possible. The updates on the games i am following do not show up in my feed. I have checked on the specific pages of my followed games and there have been recent news updates and videos. But none of this appears in my feed or as a notification (not sure if its supposed to appear as a notification). Here is a list of the games that i am following:

Destiny, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Titanfall, Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 Patriots, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Fortnite, The Elder Scrolls Online, Cyberpunk 2077, Star Wars: 1313, Watch Dogs, Battlefield 4, Star Citizen, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Deep Down, Dying Light, Star Wars: Battlefront, Tom Clancy's The Division, The Order: 1886

And here is a screenshot of my feed which doesnt contain any updates from the games:

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@DigitalDame: Thanks. I really hope this is fixed or improved because i do love this website. But without a game updates page or something similar i doubt i will continue to use it.

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The main reason i use this site is to get updates on the games i follow. With the new website, Gamespot makes it difficult to do this. Instead of having an updates page like the old site, they have nothing. And what is the point of having a following and/or stacks list if i cant easily see the news updates for those games? I really want a Gamespot employee to reply to me. Are you doing anything to resolve this problem or make improvements to the new site? If not, i just created an ign account and sadly will no longer use this site after five plus years of regular usage.

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@greasemonkey42: I agree. Getting updates on games i am following is the main reason i come to this site too. And now they make it extremely difficult to do so. Also, I think the stacks section is pointless if there isnt a "following" stack. And i havnt gotten any game updates in my feed either, even though i have checked some of the games i am following and there have been updates. Hey Gamespot, GIVE ME MY UPDATES!!! please : (

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Holy crap....For every single feature in a game, there are hundred of people just waiting to complain about them. No matter what it is. Exactly what do you want?!  To be given a sword and shield and thrown on a battlefield where all you do is fight waves of monsters while a narrator tells a story?


So your attention span isn't strong enough to remember you need to repair your armor before heading into battle...Then go play an action game for heavens sake. There has to be gold sinks. In skyrim, you quickly had 30k gold coins and absolutely nothing to spend it on. Buy whatever, whenever...And after a couple levels checking shops is just pointless...Money became pointless...


They need to add more features like that one. Repair items, change the armor colors at vendors, etc.... It's an MMORPG. Not mass effect. Enjoy it for what it is, or let your lack of dynamics devour all hopes of enjoying something. If you head into every game hoping they make it specifically for you, you will die an old man who never allowed himself to enjoy things.



God, I don't even know why I try....Online forums are pointless to give advice...Even if it's something that you truly found during the course of your own life...


Wow, calm down.  I havnt played an mmo before so i dont understand all the mechanics behind everything.  Oblivion is my all-time favorite game so despite what you think i am competent enough to repair my weapons and armor.  Online forums aren't pointless to give advice.  I learned the purpose of weapon/armor degradation through the info of your rather insulting post and posts by other people that are a little nicer and more tolerant of those who want to know more about a game and how it works.

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All enemies in a given area respawn after a period of time so other players can kill them too.  Also treasure chests and resources such as plants and ingredients will respawn as well.