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Still alive!!

hey people... (who is that you ask?) well its your old friend jp I will keep this short and sweat, just want to say I am still alive, I hope everybody is doing great and well I have passed my net life to facebook so please if you have a facebook acount add me It will be great to see you and keep contact will all of you friends!! still playing, now I have all 3 consoles :D loving each day!! the kids are big now!! :shock: and remember dont suffer from insanity enjoy every moment of it!! :D be happy people!!! :D

A long blog and maybe one of the last ones :(

Hello!!!! how have you been people I really hope that you all have been real good :D I must say that I have really missed you guys and girls you are all great and I really care for all of you... you will always have a great part in my heart...

I have been up to lots of stuff recently thats why I havent been here... between bball, work, family and games I havent got much time to come here.... I have some new friends to that love to play like me and they have been lending me lots of games so I have been playing a lot :P

already finished:

mass effect, assassins Creed, naruto rise of the ninja, GTA IV (this one was mine but didnt had time to finish it :P), GH2 (on medium cant go with hard :P), played the fable 2 pub games already got all the achievements and I am starting to play quake

my friends will also lend me ninja gayden 2, N3, COD2, burnout paradise, forza, battlefield bad company, and more :D also I am waiting for fable 2 and gears of war 2 woooot!!! my favorite of all time still remains being gears of war so you know I am really excited about this one :D

also still reading harry potter already on the 4 book great books I must say

and also between all of that I also got married.... yes I know I was already married but I was only married by the law of the people not of god so I went and got married

so here lets share a pic of the happy couple with some of there best friends :D

dont get jelous you are also some of my great friends even if I dont know you in person :oops:

and well after the weding we went on our honey moon to the beach... because we have never had one....

(I took this pic aint it beautiful... it really makes you look things in a different way :D)

but then we went to the pool area and saw all of the kids playing and having fun and we couldnt have fun our selfs so we send over for our kids :P it was an hour ride from were they were with my wifes parents but it was worth it.... the honey moon turned in a great vacation :D

thats me and my daugther in the pool :D

then this is a estero dont really know how you call it on english I recently learned the word on spanish :P

also this year was the first year of kinder of my daugther so we are also excited about that :D

and off course we could go with out a pic of that to :P

and well I know you also want to see little Jc so here is a pic of him to :P

so yes I am still alive :D and as well as ever :D I am really happy and enjoying life at full as always :D crazy as always to and spam lover to :P

I really miss you guys but I had to let one thing go if I wanted to keep my sanity :oops: it wasnt going to be my family, work, spleep or games so I had to cut GS short... I will try to come back here once in a while but dont hold me to it... you can also see me on xbox live if you have some... if you have it and havent add me just add jpgalindo and tell me you GS user name and I will gladly add you back :D

I assure you that you all have a special place in my heart and I will never forget about you... I hope this isnt goodbye and I can come back here and regain my trone as the spam king

and people never forget to spaaam!!!! :D

and more important to have a great day and a great life :D

take care your friend for ever Jp :D

todays blog is brought to you by....

I dont know by what but I didnt know what to put as a title :P

today I want to keep it nice and short because I still have to go and post in all of your blogs... so I will just talk about what this page is about... VIDEO GAMES... I have been only playing Mass effect I must say that I got really into this game this weekend is so damn awesome the story is great and the gameplay gets better once you start getting new powers and new stuff... I played this game for about 12 hours between today and yesterday :P

I also played some halo 3... I didnt knew that you can play live with your friends without they having an xbox live acount :P yes I am dump :oops: didnt knew I could put them as my invites and they will take my name with a little number in the front it was lots of fun to play this game with my friends I think next weekend we are going to play some more :D

well I have lots of blogs to post in so I am gone to do that :D

have a great one people and dont forget to spam :D

bad news... well for me at least :(

Yeap I have bad news at least for me... I wont be able to come here as often as I was coming here :( why because I used to come here at work :P but now seams that I wont be able to :shock: the company is now doing random check ups and they dont want any of us using the computer for things that arent from work :cry: so yes I will have to come home and post... but that wont be a sure thing... why you ask because I like to go home and spend my free time with my family or playing video games :P

this are really bad news for me because I love coming here and posting in your blogs and once in a while making one of my own :P I will just be able to come here once a day if I am lucky so I wont be able to spam in your blogs :cry: so damn sad I love this place and not for the games but because of all the people I have meet here I really love you all everyone thats on my friends list has a nice place in my hearth so its really hard for me to not be here every day spaming and having a great time with you guys and girls :(

how will you all live without my spam :P

ok ok I know you wont miss me :oops: most of you have like 300 or 400 friends in your list what does jp has that's so special... well I have this *takes out a can of spam of his pocket* ;) and it can be yours if you lie and say that I am cool :8

but I do promise that I will come here at least 2 times a week or maybe one :oops: no I will try to come as much as I can don't promise anything... again my family its more important so I am sorry and I wont be as active as I was :( I will only see my daughter and my son grow one time so I have to treasure them :)

well have to go to sleep... *falls at sleep and wife takes pic of me*

well that works to fulfill the pic promise :P

have a great one people and spam away ;)

something I forgot to tell you

So hello people I just notice that I haven't tell you one thing I am doing now in days :shock:

like a month or so I have started playing Basketball... me and some friends made a team and got into a league here in my town :D we have played like 6 games in the post season and already played 2 real matches to we have a 1-1 record right now... and also got a match today :shock: we still have lots of work to do because we still don't know each other very much :oops:

I have to say that I ain't a great player I should be with my height (6.2 ft or 1.93 mts) also seeing that there is not lot of people that high in Mexico :P but I suck :P I think I just need some practice ;) I am getting better and better with each match to :D so wish me luck people :D

I just wanted to share that with you guys :D

I also have notice the decay in my latest blogs but hey I don't have a creative mind in me :P I do have a magic creative side to create crap :P but that doesn't work right :oops: so I will continue with my normal crap :P

I also still haven't decided what game to get with my points :oops: I went and downloaded lots of demos... I think the one I most enjoyed was N+ but I think it will get old pretty fast so I am not still sure :oops:

on normal games still playing mass effect :D pretty good game ;) I also played some fifa with my friends I am still the champ :D the only match I loosed was on penalty's a really close match went 0-0 all the way but I loosed in penaltys :( had lots of more ball possession and shoots but I couldn't make the gool :shock:

I also went and saw kung fu panda with my wife and daughter it was lots of fun :D we also went to the park on Sunday had a nice family week this time so I didn't had lots of gaming :shock: I did had the gaming Friday that's were we played fifa 08 fun times this week

also I notice that I haven't put any pics of my son I promise you a pic on the next blog :D

that's all for today people :D have a really great one :D and don't forget to spaam!! ;)

quick blog... just a question?

this will be my shortest blog ever...

I just need some advice I have some nice microsoft points but I want some advice on what game to get :shock: I will have 2000 points by the weekend well thats what I hope :P

I am looking for a fun game maybe some kind of puzzle game and some action game... so if you have any favorites please help :D

thanks in advance people and have a great weekend :D

and what the hell... dont forget to SPAAM!!! :P

Happy jinx birthday!!!

Today is St. Johns day being my day because I am John Paul (in spanish Juan Pablo) but that aint all its also the day I was born :D today I am 25 years old ;) 1/4 of a century...

I was thinking about telling you guys about my jinx birthday but I wont bore you with that stuff... I had it already writen but I just went and deleted all of it :P

I will just tell you that my birthday is always the worst day in the year for me... dont know if its because I always want that day to be perfect and every little problem just makes me sad for all day or what, but I hate this day :(

ok so lets make a party here lets see if my virtual birthday gets better than the one I am having now :P

cake for everyone!!!! :D

one for every one of you ;)

and there cant be any mexican party without some carnee asadaaa!! :D

and also some mexican beer!! ;)

wooot!!! wooot!! :D

have a great one and have a spammy party!!! ;)

edit: I almost forgot to thank my great friend TheLegendKnight for making me this awesome birthday present :D

out with the new in with the old :P

Yeah I know thats not right but you will know notice in a moment that I am playing some old games there :P no MGS4 for me GTA IV is also on hold :oops:


Still loving my bleach... just saw some episodes favorite anime (again I must say I havent seen much so dont blame me) I still have the Trigun episodes ready to go but have been really busy :(


Already finished the first book of the harry potter collection I must say that if you like the movies you will love the book ;) its 10 times better it has lots of things that they dont tell you on the movies :D I started the second book but have been really slow on it... you will know more in a moment :P


I was playing lots of GH 2 because a friend of mine ask me for my copy of GH3 and gave me his copy of the old GH2 doesn't have so many good songs like GH3 but still a great game... working on getting some achievements :D

on Saturday a friend came over and took his copy of AC and Ninja Gaiden 2... didn't like AC much :oops: but hey maybe it was because we played it after Ninja Gaiden 2 I loved that game its so damn awesome!! :D the blood and the gore :twisted: never tough that taking someones arms and legs and then removing his head would be so much fun :oops: that game is totally awesomeee :D we also played some fifa 08 and fight night boxing I owned my poor friend :oops:

and he also lend me his copy of mass effect :D the game has me amezed on all the dept it has... you can talk to the characters so much they have lots of conversation and all... I am just 4 hours in and I am really amezed with this game :D it a really great game :D


Well yesterday was fathers day ;) if you want to know they gave me a shirt and a box of chocolates ;) also my daughter made me a drawing in a heart shape paper... do you want to know what it was... its an easy guess... she draw me playing video games :lol:

we had a nice buffet meal at my moms house :D my wife had to take me out rolling :P it was a great time ;)

well thats all for today people ;) have a great one and dont forget to spaam!! :D

wow!!! two 10's in less than 2 or 3 months

Yeah I know that this is a change from my normal once a week blog.... but seeing that MGS4 got a 10 made me go into some kind of an urge to make a blog... :oops:

its so strange it has been a long time since we saw a perfect 10 and now we have two 10's in less than 2 or 3 months :shock: (on what I have played of GTA I dont think that it really deserves a perfect 10... its a 9.6 or 9.8 in my book, but still I havent finished the game so I cant really say for sure) dont know GTA doesnt give me that feel that Gears of war, resident evil 4, mario galaxy, zelda ocarina of time gave me... the feeling that made me grip to my controler and didnt wanted to let it out of my hands even going to the bathroom was not a good thing I needed to play the game I wanted to play because it was so much fun :shock:

or maybe its because or expectations on games is bigger we want more and more now (well thats for sure) but still those games had something that didnt let me do anything else except play... COD4 multiplayer also did that to me, its addictive :oops:

but I dont know I play GTA IV and get kind of bored after some time :oops: hey maybe its just me dont get mad GTA lovers :oops:

I dont know if reviewers just went with the hype or what also I havent played MGS 4 (but I must say that what I have seen it looks damn awesomee!! :shock: if I just had a ps3 but well maybe latter on in my life I will have the chance to do so ;) ) but still GTA IV is a great game and its pretty awesome to be in this year with two blockbusters in the table :D and we still have some more good games coming :D *GEARS OF WAR 2* woooot woooot!!!! :D it wont get a perfect 10 but on my book it will, gears is the best game for me... online is so much fun :D

so people lets enjoy this awesomee year :D its a great year to be a gamer :D

have a great one and spam some 10's over here :P

edit: also I will start a send money to Jp fundation so I can get a ps3 :P anyone wants to send some :oops:

battle against pain

I wont let you w.... ok you got me :oops:

So yesterday I got up at 2 am with a pain in my left lower back I started looking for some ointment to put on my back but moments latter I felt like someone just gave me a kick in my b@%^ I tough I already felt this pain one day (how can I forget it, it was one of the most horrible pains I have felt in my life :() I started looking in internet to see what could it be and I was right I have kidney stones again :cry: whyy!!! it hurts!!!!

well to make this story a little shorter I am felling a little better today I didnt go to work yesterday I felt really bad (thats why maybe some of you saw me at xbox live :D yeap sickness has some good things I had a chance to play GTA IV and GH 2 yes 2 a friend and I switches games he has 2 I have 3 ;) ) ok back to the sickness they put me 2 injections in my butt and I have some pills to drink when I fell some pain... so you cant win now pain!!! buaahahaaahaaa!!! :twisted:

I will save the other stuff I made for other blogs ;)

lets keep it short and simple for a change :)

have a great one people and go ahead and start spaming :D