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Uncharted 3 is Great

Got uncharted 3 on saturday the 29th Oct due to a store mixing up the release dates and putting it out early, while its not as great as U2 it is still a very good game with good focus on the story. Will complete it soon and post a proper review.

Final Fantasy 13 Official Launch Event

Hi Everyone, Been a long time since my last blog.

I went to the Official lauch event in the UK yesterday for the launch of Final fantasy 13. Attaending the event were YoshinoriKitase the producer of the game and the Art director IsamKamikokuryo.

I got there at about 5.20pm and was told the queue was round the side of the building so then went to the side to see that the queue already had about 3-400 poeple in it. Luckily i was with my Girlfriend so had company to keep me going. After ages the queue moved slightly at 6.30pm. After one hour it only moved a bit! At about 8.30 i was near the entrence and then the staff at HMV decided to close the doors. I thought thats alright they were doing it to control the crowds inside. after 10 mins a staff member comes out to say that they may not be able to let us n as the guest were tired from all that signing and that they had done 1000 already. Straight awayi knew they were lying as i saw the queue and there wernt that many people in it.

They then handed out A4 art cards, a set of 3 in an ff13 envelope. And we were told that there were only 300 of them made for the launch event so i thought ok at least my time was not wasted and i got something. But i still waited in the queue and after a while we were let in and i got both of them to sign the game CD i had.

I think i was the only one to ask for that as they were a bit confused wheni told them i want them to sign the CD so i was definitly the first. Everyone else got the slips signed or the exclusive slipcover.

So in all a nice experience and i have a lot of cool stuff.

Thanks for reading

My PSN friends list

For some reason my ps3 friends list has been deleted and all the poeple on it gone. there was far too many for me to remember who is missing or not so if you can then please add me again thanks. joynul87 is my id

or if anyone knws how to retrieve a list then tell me that also.

Modern Warfare 2

This blog contains spoilers so dont read if you dont want to.

First of all let me start by saying that i take back what i said about this game being too short to be worth the 44.99 pounds that retailers are charging for it. I will now say that it is worth every penny that you spend on it. The story for a shooter is great as good as if not better than the story mode in killzone 2. i think that this really is a game worth having in your collection.

Now let me start with the game, i thought all the way playing through the game that ghost was Price!! he sounds a bit like him until your actually hear price. So what happend to price did he get captured by the russians straight after MW1 or a bit after that. Also i did not want to see ghost die :(. i think the mission in makarov house when ur with him is the best. guarding the entrance of the door and covering each other is brilliant and feels really good and realistic.

Now technical bits. i didnt get my last 3 trophies related to the story mode. i didnt get the one for makarovs home and the last mission trophy and the complete mission on any difficulty one. i know it was said that there is a problem and that it will be sorted in download pack but i got all the pack before completing the game so why hasnt it worked. anyone else had that problem.

Tekken 6

I got my first ever early game yesterday. I got tekken 6 along with the limited edition 40 trading cards through the post a day earlier than release.

So i expected to be playing it for long hours being one of the first in the country (UK), but i was very disappointed with it they made a huge mistake taking the story arcade mode out and the overall battles feel sluggish and slow. I know it aint street fighter and is supposed to be as fast as SF4 but im still disappointed and i hate the scenario mode. it supposed to be a beat em up so the story arcade mode should be the focus and the scenario mode the bonus. and the scenario mode is crap anyway.

I will upload pictures of the cards a little later

level 13 45%

i have been stuck on level 13 45% for days now nearly a week how cum i aint levelling up on gamespot

Uncharted 2 Update

I finished uncharted 2 the day i got it. i checked the save file and i have spent about 11 hours playing it (yeh was playing up until 4 in the morning or sumin like that). funny thing is though i went out aswell and still got it complete. It was a brilliant game i love the story the characters and the humour in the game especially at the end. anyway im a little disappointed at the legth of the game although it was a little long i felt that it was shorter than the first as that took me a lot longer to complete about two weeks. the difficulty was not easy so thats good. but with the prices you have to pay for games now i expect a game to last me a lot longer than a day in normal difficulty. well now im going through it again on hard mode.

Uncharted 2

I preordered Uncharted 2 for 31.49 pounds :D, I just wanted to know what other prices people are paying for the game and the type of preorder bonus they are getting. I am getting the bonus currency multiplyer, whatever that is.

Also i have been playing batman for a week now got it as a rental and all i can say is dam its a good game. The problem is i have it as a rental and have not completed it yet. i want to know if the game is long and does it have replayability. How much time have you spent on it. Do you think its worht getting and should i get the collectors edtion or is the batarang not worht it.

Final Fantasy Playthrough

I have started my final fantasy playthrough today. something i said i was going to do a long time ago. im starting from 7 and working my way through it all from there. i mean 100% complete all of it level 99 all characters with all secrets done. i will then move to 8 9 10 10-2 12 12RV FF7 DoC and whats left of crisis core but thats almost done now anyway. i will then do FF tactics and then move to ff 1 2 3 4 5 6. i have 2 versions of 1 and 2 on the ps and psp which one do you think i should do and also should i get the ff4 on ds and do that rather than my ps version. i also mite attempt at the ff CC games aswell but it all depends on how long the first lot take me i have the original FFCC and the FFCC RoF and EoT.

Why is the single player mode in games so short nowadays?

I remember the days when games were very very long. i spent over 8 months playing just Final fantasy 8 and never did i get bored. I think the trick to that was that it did have a long story mode and it was very engaging. So spending time on it levelling up was fun and completing it twice was not at all boring and all of that would take 8 months. The first time i played it i was about 15 and remember that it did take me a good few months to complete it. And not only this game I remember MGS taking me a few months to complete as with all the other final fantasy's up untill 12.

Now why are games so short. FF12 was short compared to all of the other FF's but only by a little but compared to the other games in the market around its time it was still pretty long and as i wanted to complete it fully in the first go i took my time. Now you have the likes of MGS4, GTA4, Cod4, Uncharted, Resident Evil 5 in the markets and not forgetting KZ2. All of these games i have found to be very short. The worst culprit has to be COD4, I bought it on a Saturday played it a little that evening and had it completed by Sunday afternoon. Thats lees than a day i spent on that game, and for a game that i payed well over £35 for I was a bit dissapointed even though it was a quality game. Uncharted was also short and MGS4, such a great game and compared to some of the games that are so short its length is decent but compare it to the old market and its length is not comparabel.

So i ask myself why are the games so short. OK so COD4 was a one off very short game but the the rest are short aswell thats when i start to think do i play too much. Well no is the answer to that I remember when i was younger i used to spend days on end playing a game. Going back to FF8 i would get back from school and start on it and not stop for a good 5-8 hours and then the same the next day and the day after thats and at least 8 hours on a weekend. I had a lot more time when i was younger. Now i only play a few days a week and when i do i play for a mere 2-4 hours unless i am really into a game then the weekend see a lot more gaming.

So the time i spend is not why the game is shorter i spend far less time on a game. Is is because i am better at playing games now then, maybe. I am now so good that i can get through games a lot quickly. I however, believe that the reason for the short games in this time is because the developer does it this way. Now they could do it to ensure that you buy a lot more games from them. They do this by making the games short and good, this increases their chances of you buying another one of their titles or a sequel or prequel. Also in the case of COD4 the game was cut so short so that time may be spent on the online multiplayer mode. They were too busy with this and making sure that it was quality so the game was short. Also it could also be that they created the game in less time and developers are spending less and cutting costs and one way to do this is to have a game spend less time in development and get it out as fast as they can so that then they may focus on another title. This may be true as there are a lot of games in the market and each week sees the release of 10+ new games.

Anyway i am hugely dissapointed in the length of games these days as I am very interested in the story mode of the game, yes i do ply them online and i do enjoy that aswell and have to agree that it does increase the life of the game, but i also have to say that they often come with downloads and upgrade ands also DLC that you have to pay for so you should be expecting great online play for the payment pf the DLC and downloads and also a long campaign mode for the originally paid for game. I mean the cost of games are now £40 plus when they are released and the price seem to be increasing. So i want developers to rethink what they do and to make games long and epic and will generally get them a lot more sales like in the case of MGS4, a highly rated game and deserves all the awards it gets and more. I agree it isn't as long as the previous MGS's especiall 2 and 3 but its a lot better than whats out there. Yeah there sometimes may be a case of COD4 a really good game though short and sell record amounts but we gamers need a longer story if that did have a longer campaign mode i believe it would have sold a lot more, its a better game than World at War but that has outsold it, why? because of the story.

I just hope that the upcomming FF13 and versus 13 and metal gear solid rising are long. I believe FF13 will be as it was developed for the ps3 first and used all of its advantages and then ported to xbox 360. But MGS rising i have doubts over as it is being developed for the X360 at the same time so it will be developed to the levels of the 360. I also hope that modern warfare 2 is a lot longer as the standard edition will cost £45 so i am expecting a lot more.