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So, who is still here?

I know many have left due to the GS fiasco with Jeff G. I havent been around lately due to school and other things, I just come for the updates on the games I am looking forward too. Anyone else still sticking it to the forums?

Days of our Target

Been a while since I posted a new blog, felt I would do one now for ol' times sake.

Since the time of my last blog I have moved away from Miami to Tallahassee to attend FSU. I have been on my own now for about three months and loving it. I got a new job at Target as well...and things are defintely interesting to say the least.

I work in the Garden Center (for the most part, I also help out at other sections where needed) but for the most part there. We have a team leader named Flo, who is one of the most idiotic and lazy workers ever. As a team lead you are supposed to be efficient and work hard, and Flo does neither. She constantly:

-Drops plants all over the place and forces the other workers to pick them up

- Almost killed me (she dropped a 90 lb deck box from the top shelf in the back room almost on top of me and just shrugged it off

- Takes credit for everything when the garden center does good and than blames everyone else when something goes wrong

Thats mainly the gist of everything that goes on. Well the other day I wrote a note about things I was gonna go let HR know about because her job is on the line. Stupid me I left the note at work and Flo finds it the next morning. Things have been quite interesting. She has been going around the store telling people what I wrote. Not only does she hate me now, but the rest of the store thinks its frickin hilarious because no on else likes her. Its kind of fun but than again I could have gotten in alot of trouble. Even after seeing this list however, today she walks around and makes such a big mess Traget has to call in a professional cleaner now for the floor. Plus she wandered away for like three hours claiming she had stomach problems.

Its like a soap opera over there. My boss is an idiot, I am like the shifty employee, my friend is the short-tempered hard worker, the other employee is laid back and trying to take Flo's job and this other guy who isnt even working because he constantly gets hurt. Ah, the joys of Target.

SPOILERS!!! See everyone next week

Hey guys. Been a while since I posted a new blog but it irks me that people find pleasure in spoiling the new Harry Potter book. I have dodged ( by a matter of minutes before it was deleted) spoilers in three seperate boards already, and I am afraid my luck will run out the closer it comes to the books release. I plan on getting it Sunday and finishing it by Monday, in which case I will return. Im sorry I cant be around at the Harry Potter boards to help keep an eyes on potential spoilers, but I would hate for the book to be spoiled for me, so I need to take action.

Cya all later and go read Harry Potter!

FINALLY!!!! 24 out of 24

This game is one of the hardest to get all 1000 points in and I got them all. Me and my friend have been working on it for quite some time now. I own all.

 I have been working a LONG time trying to get every achievement in this game.  Some of them were frustrating to get (like notorious, the last one I just got), but the outstanding level designs and mission structures made it go by much easier.  Now I can finally relax and no more playing Hitman, unless I need to help some people.  65 hours says the in game clock.  Time for a breather.

Graduation PIX!!


They are somewhat low quality because my dad wasnt allowed to bring tripods or anything into the gym cause the president, but whatever.

In the morning. The sun was in my eyes 8)

Miami Dade :D

Thats me during the procession. I didnt realize I smiled like an idiot

President Bush :|

He made stupid comments one of which was : "Some of you today are graduating from honors college, something I have never achieved or ever will"

More Bush

Another stupid comment he said:

"Your college president is the first in the country to speak english as a second language. Many people can say the same thing for me"

Me sitting down after I got my diploma from on stage. At this point it was still another hour before everyone was finished.

Thats it, what a LONG and interesting day :)

Pomp and Circumstance


I got my cap and gown today for my graduation next Saturday. I am really excited, I finally get to leave Miami and go to a new town and attend FSU (a school I have been dreaming about attending my entire life).



45 hours well spent

Well I finally did it. I finished Twilight Princess.  I was trying really hard to delay the finale for a while, but for reasons you dont have to know about (ok, I wanted to get a new game), I decided to go ahead and break haste and spend every waking moment playing this game.  The last 3 days alone I clocked in around 15 hours.

To put it bluntly, this game is a remarkable achievement.  The levels have never looked more grand and the temples and dungeons were some of the most cleverly designed Ive ever seen in a Zelda game. 

All of the new characters introduced added their own style and story to the overall plot (I must admit that I was blown away by some of the key plot twists too).  Although I hated Midna at first, I grew to admire her quirky rants and preachings later on the game, and its not till the last 3 or 4 temples when you truly realize her full potential and will come to love her.

But anyways, I  really enjoyed this game a lot.  There were times in the beginning where I get heavenly frustrated and was almost about to give up, but Im glad I didnt because I would have missed out on a great game.

Now the ever purposeful question, is this game better than OOT?  Yes and No. Its really hard to judge because OOT revolutionized the Zelda formula that has been used in the games ever since, and it was such a big leap from 2D to 3D.  However, I enjoyed the story more in Twilight Princess than in OOT.  They both go hand and hand, but OOT edges it out just a bit due to the overall effect it had on me back than.  I really could not see a better game than OOT at the time that game came out.

Do yourself a favor and pick up this game now, you will not regret it.

Achievement points...they make the games last longer

I figured it was time to post something insightful for once, as all of my other posts have been somewhat spammish. But hey, I like to write.

So anyways, I was looking at my gamerscore and I noticed that many of my friends had "unique" and clever achievements. Although I do not care over such meaningless statutes of pride, I found myself wondering if I could achieve those lofty goals too.

So it hit me, achievements are more than just an excuse to show people that you are more "l33t" than them at an online game, but it adds replay value and depth to the games. Although there are some exceptions, like King Kong which gives you 1000 points just for playing through the story, other games actually make you work hard to get as many points as you want...or can.

Like for instance Gun, which was one of my more surprising games I played this year, I found that the story only handed out around 400 points for finishing up. However, I saw some of the other achievements, like mining for gold and competing in the card tournament. I decided to go ahead and compete and won, got myself a few points. I could have stopped, but I ended up enjoying much more of the game, finding new items, playing eventually around 3 more hours of the game...just for 10 gamerpoints.

Its hard to pinpoint why I do this, the points are meaningless to me. MS gives no reward to players for them and they can’t be traded in for actual points on XBL Marketplace. Yet, I find myself replaying games to get them. Call of Duty 3, which I beat in less than 9 hours, had me clock in a total time of 11 because I replayed the game to get achievements I didn’t know existed before (ones like not dying in a level and not firing a weapon). It makes the games fun and last a lot longer.

Hopefully games that are released in the future can take these ideas to heart, as it will help with making the games playable after the initial run through is complete.

Some facts about the universe you probably did not know

Ok, you may know some, but I found most of them very interesting. I actually am writing these down as notes for a test I have next week in my astronomy class, but some of you may enjoy:

  • Venus is the only planet in the universe that rotates in the opposite direction. There is no reason as to why it does this.

  • Because the moon has no atmosphere, people often think that if they stand on it, you can see the stars above you. That is not correct however. If you look at the famous pictures on the Moon, is it just a picture black sky, with no stars, this is because the moons land is so dense it reflects the light from the stars, so all you see is black.

  • Venus and Earth are almost exactly similar in size. It is often confusing as to why the Earth is more dense than Venus cosidering the closer you are to the Sun, the more dense (land) you are/have.

  • The red Spot on Jupiter is a giant cosmic hurricane. It is bigger than the planet Earth.

  • The biggest moon in the Solar System, Triton, is bigger than Pluto and Mercury.

  • Venus's atmosphere is 100x denser than Earth's. If you manage to land on Venus and survive the heat, you would be killed by the sulfuric acid that is constantly raining due to the atmosphere.

  • It is impossible to see the land of Venus from Earth, even with telescopes due to the dense atmosphere.

  • The largest volcano in the solar system is on Mars. The opening at the top is about the size of Los Angeles, while the entire volcano is about the size of the state of Missouri.
That is all for now.