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PSP Sucks

Read on to see why.

The PSP is one of the worst things ever invented. Dead pixels (lots), sticky buttons, UMD drive malfunctions and more. The PSP has a lot of mistakes like the price $300.00 Canadian and most of us (Canadians) are forced to buy the Gretzky package which ups the price to $350.00 Canadian. TOTAL RIP OFF. Also the games for the PSP are way too expensive $49.99 and $59.99 Canadian is the same price as a console game. Console games are better graphics and better game play. Why would anyone pay $49.99 or 59.99 for a game that they could get for the PS2 that is better and almost all the games that are on the PSP have also been on the PS1 and PS2. So in the end I see no reason to buy a PSP unless you are extremely rich and travel a lot.

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