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I've played RE games my whole life and love this game. The monster design is great with some very unsettling ones like the J'avo and Lepotitsa. The gameplay is different with it's great freedom of movement that really makes scenes more tense as you narrowly dodge the snake boss or duck under the jumping C-Dog.

Leon's campaign was great fun and did a great job of showing the devastation of a zombie outbreak in Tall Oaks.It was hell and it really felt like it. Your constantly overwhelmed by zombies and specials. It actually feels like the 7,000 citizen town has turned mostly into zombies. So the game is more action oriented. Does that make it bad? No, it makes it different. So please don't label all of us Resident Evil fans as haters of this game. Some of us enjoy the hell out of it.

If the focus on a horror/action mixture doesn't suit go on and play Amnesia or Penumbra or Lone Survivor.