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360 has broken again

This sucks. I think this is the fourth time it killed itself. I got the Texas Eye Ball aka The Red Ring of Death. I thought Microsoft fixed most of it but not mine apparently. I'm going in right know to get it replaced with a new Elite. It should be up by tonight. I guess even the damn Elite can get broken sometimes.

Game Informer issue 184 - Wolfenstein

Sorry that I have not posted for a long while


NCAA Football 09 - 8.25 (Game of the Month)

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith - 8

The Incredible Hulk - 6.75

Don King Presents: Prizefighter - 7.5

Kung Fu Panda - 8

The Bourne Conspiracy - 6.75

Alone in the Dark - 6.5

Top Spin 3 - 7.75

Rock Band (Wii) - 8.25

Monster Madness: Grave Danger - 7.25

SingStar - 8

Unreal Tournament 3 (X360) - 8.5

Command & Conquer: Kane's Wrath - 7.25

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures - 8 (PC Game of the Month)

Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 - 8.25

Civilization Revolution - 8.5

LOL - 1

Final Fantasy IV - 8.5 (Handheld Game of the Month)


I was expecting a lot since I saw reviews that were at 9.0 or above. I wasn't so sure I was going to enjoy it since it seemed like kids movie and that the last movie I saw was the Chimpunks that I had to go to with my sister. But I really enjoyed it because of its since of humor.

I've got to say this movie is better than 300 which before I thought was the greatest movie I've ever seen. I find it very funny that all the people in the movie are fat due to being so lazy. By the way the movie is set in the year 2700. Theanimation is by far the best in movie history. I have never seen an animated movie that looks so real except for the humans). I can asure you that it is going to win some kind of big award. You should go check it out!

It might be built - the Al Burj

Apparently in Dubai their is huge talk that I have been hearing for quite a while called the Al Burj Tower. Well now I just got news that this planned 1200 meter tower has been raised in height to 1400! The Burj Dubai is likely to reach 808 meters so you can imagine how huge Al Burj tower is going to be if it is built. I should also mention that the Al Burj tower was renamed the Tall Tower which is a pretty uncreative and boring name in my mind but oh well. Here is a side by side comparison of the Tall Tower and the Burj Dubai tower

What is EA going to call Madden in 2010?

Madden NFL 10... that sounds stupid. what are they going to call it in 2010. I' guessing they are going to call it Madden NFL 2010 but you never know. To bad Favre won't be in Madden in the 2010 version.

Speaking of Favre did you that Favre is going to return for one for time in Madden 09. Thank goodness for that because whenever I try to play a game in Madden 08 it will shut down a few minutes later

Game Informer issue 183 - Infamous

This month a PS3 exclusive appears on the latest cover of Game Informer called "Infamous". Many of us should have allready heard of the game and are waiting to get it. The game looks pretty sweet!

GameInformer - The Final Word on Video and Computer Games

This month reviews had some highly anticipated games such as Iron Man, Battlefield: Bad Company, and of course Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

July Reviews:

Battlefield: Bad Company - 9.25

Civilization Revolution - 9

Hellboy: The Science of Evil - 7

Iron Man - 3.75

Grid - 9

Hail to the Chimp - 4

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince of Caspian - 6.25

LEGO Indiana Jones: The Originial Adventures - 7

NASCAR 09 - 8

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (PS3+X360) - 8

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (Game of the Month) - 10

Haze - 6.25

Ninja Gaiden ll - 8.75

Mass Effect (PC) - 9.5

Death Jr.: Root of Evil - 7.25

Tartget: Terror - 4.5

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon - 5.5

Boom Blox - 8.5

We Love Golf - 6

Deca Sports - 3

Wild Earth: African Safari - 5.75

Blast Works: Build Trade Destroy - 8

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift (Handheld Game of the Month) - 8.75

Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2 - 8

Secret Agent Clank - 8.5

Space Invaders Extreme - 8.25

R-Type Command - 7.25

Treyarch making next Call of Duty NO!!!

Now we have to see another COD WWII game and it's made by Treyarch. This is just great, I thought that COD was finally switching directions and off to the modern day warfare style. Now COD is going to suck if Call of Duty: World at War is just likethe last games. If this next game wants to be good the should have ideas never seen before in a WWII game

Got a YouTube account - check it out!!!

This is my second blog post in about 2 minutes so check the last important one that I just posted> But anyways I got a YouTube account called GranmotherJones.

All of these videos were filmed 2 YEARS ago for fun! Now we are posting to YouTube. We made like 70 random videos and we will be posting them (We is my friend Erin). I got to be Grandma because of my ackward voice I can make that sort of sounds like a granny. Oh ya, in the video it shows me as long black hair, it's actually just a wig

Here is the link to our account with 2 year old vids

I got the cops called on me

I should update you on my situation. I crashed on my brand new bike going full speed. I fell on to the pavement and rolled al little I guess. I didn't break my leg but it hurts quite a bit which makes it painfull and hard to walk.

So let me get on with this. I went to Shopko with my friends last night to just look for some games I might want to get. I was in pain so I got on one of those things you sit on. It's like an electric scooter you sit on, you know what I'm talking about. I got on it and apparently an employee saw me get on it and he told me to get off apparently thinking I could walk just fine. I told him about what happend and he didn't beilieve me. He then took out a walkee-talkee called for back off and I'm "crap!" so I take off on the thingy like crazy and of course get chased down. Then I have a huge arguement with the employees and well then comes the cops. So I get the cops and they are more understanding and have a talk with the employees. Finally the cop comes back to me saying I believe but you are going to have to leave. So I got to ride the thing back and then limp badly out of the store.

Really, to tell you the truth I don't know why I didn't get off the scooter in the first place. Maybe because I was feeling pretty stubern and a little cranky. Anyways everything worked out fine (I guess) and I'm not in HUGE pain but still a little