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Collecting all PS2 Murder games

Starting a collection of PS2 games to play in the dark with the main focus being killing or scary so far its looking pretty solid, But I am looking For suggestions too.


-Soul Calibur 3

-Jaws Unleashed (Game is unplayable)

-The Warriors (Gang Murder/beatdows)

-Max Payne

-Resident Evil Outbreak

-Shadow of rome

-Hitman Contracts

-25 to life

-GTA Vice City

-Gta San Andreas

Burger King Is So Good

I just wish i had some RIGHT NOW!

Tripple whopper with ketchup, mustard, pickles,bacon, and EXTRA CHEESE:D large frys and large coke!

Food of the gods

i mean how can anyone NOT like fast food like i know how its made and everything but prob more gross things get into you just by breathing:P

ANYWAYS im out and im gunna go grab some BK:D