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I' ve finally reached 5K posts!

After a little less than two years I have finally reached 5000 posts. To be honest I was looking for an excuse to create my first blog post so what other reason could be more ideal than this? :P

It all started in June 14th of 2011 when I decided to join in order to enjoy the best possible privileges GS had to offer and by that I mean the forums, both gaming and off-topic, and to this day I haven' t regretted my choice at all. Maybe someday I will but that would probably be the purpose of another blog.

I' ve had the chance to talk with some very diverse groups of people, some of whom I even enjoy chatting with. The community here isn' t perfect but I doubt there are any that can proudly carry that title.

That' s all for now. I' m going to be looking forward to an even brighter future here. See ya! (even if nobody ever reads this :|)