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I Aint Thru with 3 yet, Sony

Still enjoying the sh&t out of my PS3, Sony. Especially since I upgraded to HD-3d-TV. I'm pulling out alll the old shizz and jamming the **** out of it. I would have been tempted to up to PS4 (because the blu-ray playback on PS3 is a SHAM, even with some games), but you said screw it to BackCompat. So I'll wait. And I should because while PS3 prices should be plummeting to nothing, they are not. And you know.

Voice Talent gets NO respect!!!

Why is it the voice talent gets no worthwhile credit in games? You'll wait until 89% of the credits are through before you even see a mention of the actors portraying the characters. Great voice talent has saved many a games, and bad talent will crush an otherwise worthy title, but these people seem to get no respect. Sad.

Poor Duke... They Just Didn't understand...

Boobs, Babes, Beer, Bombs, and BooYah!! What Else did they want??? You delivered Duke, Retro yet Nuveau, kinda likethe new Beetles and Camaros'. Were you a little sluggish starting off? Sure you were, cuz you'd been sitting in the penthouse diddling with your joystick (while the twin blonde bombshells were diddling yours), but once the bovine excremental matter impacted the oscillating cooling device, we were back in business!! You were'nt supposed to be Crysis!! You weren't supposed to be COD. You were supposed to be DUKE, and I think Realms brought you back with the absolutely correct straddle of old and new.

When It's Just ... ME

Sometimes... I just want a game thats all about me. I don't want to multiplay, I don't care about trophies, I JUST WANT TO KILL THE (ALIENS/DEMONS/LITTLE SISTERS/BOSSES/RUSSIAN-GERMANS-REBELS/WTFs) , and not feel at the end of the final Boss battle that this was just a tacked on option as opposed to Online Play. Sure, online can be fun, or it can be a complete pain in the azz when one of your comrades freaks out, punks out, flubs out, or just generally suxx, and some times I JUST NEED TO DO MY OWN SLAYING. Nobody makes a game like that anymore.Where is Duke when you need him??(June 2011- YEAH RIGHT) They make half-azzed shooters with dull storyline or WAY TOO SHORT single player campaign, and limit majority of the fun stuff to multi only.