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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> they have a name for loosing intrest like that if i remmber correctly its ADHD. to fix this all you need to do is play the new games watch the story compaire it to most anime shows and if you like anime you probly do like the store. then again content wise skyrim sucks compaired to morrowind due to lack of content and shear lack of custom spells.

even obilviion sucked for custom spells and GTAV would be a piss poor comparison. because

it doesnt count as fantacy or sci fi.

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meh indie games are grate would be nice to see MS do some thing more like steam with it though and get people and things like F2P games like loadout and warframes. less 8bit games and cheap flash crap like the 360. steam's greenlight program is wicked and theres alot of good stuff comming out of that. MS should use there Virtual squad of Ninja Bulldozer drivers to start pushing in the 10-20$ indie game devs with the pro skills. not the piss poor 1$ zombie game that was state of the art in 1992

oh and have the you know 2-3 years of dev time and buy now its early alpha is run around and do nothing. but then again as the game dev's work you get to see the game take shape and an idea on how work gets done from a real dev perspective.

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now heres some thing to think about when i build a pc i save up 2000$ ish

then i do some thing nuts like

get a amd FX 8359 eight core cpu at 4GHz a core

(most games run in a duo core right now and most popular gaming rigs are built with a quad)

then i go for 16 gigs of low latency

then you do some thing like cross fired AMD Radeon HD 7950s

now i have so mutch extra system preformance (not over clocked) it makes most people sick that dont understand why i would build that lol

but heres the up side

its good for the next 4 to 6 easy with nothing done to it when i do upgrade its just the graphics cards and im 4k ready and suport 3D

i never need to devote more then 2 cores to a game unless it can handle more and i pay less then building a 6-800$ rig

get a bug anuff psu becuase the plugs will probly be the same plugs 10 years from now so a good 1000W or 12000W psu is a good

and i was able to save up for this current rig after running a 500$ labtop in to the ground. pc gaming is cheap and you get money back if you go with steam and there summer sale and xmas sale. you can get things from 10% off to 80% off and were talking games up to 60$ a pop. so with things like steam you actualy save more money on your games making PC gaming even more afordable then a console and its 60$ a game and tax with comes to like 68$ or wat ever. plus to boot you can build a PC a part at a time so if you find a good parts shop. you can some times save up to 100$ on what ever your buying. you also cant forget the bigger deals from some stores were they have clearance sales. I've seen 2 gig sticks of low latency ram with a built in heatsink go for 16$ each. I've seen a half deacent motherboard with fx 8359 eight core cpu for about 380$ you just godda shop around.

lol im gonna shut up soon but last note i have an xbox 360 and 80+ games for it 4 controllers and 2 turtle beach xp400's total price

games came to 5280$ console when brand new was like 500$ and the headsets 200$ each controllers about 40$ each and then my console broke so i had to get a second one so i think i spent 300-400$ on that total price for my xbox 360 over its life span

6640$ over the consoles life time thats excluding things like the 60$ membership for xbox live with costs at least 4-600$ and thats not counting the times i could only aford it a month at a time.

so you tell me whats better i spend 4k on my rig and my 200+ steam games or 6600+ on my 360 and my 80 games

if i planned to equal out the costs i could still build a second computer better then the one i have or i can spend it on upgrades and probly have this rig till the xbox one and ps4 are replaced with new consoles i can play all my old games on my pc and ill still have money left over to buy yet more games.

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ya ill stick to d2 lod and guild wars my self dont need to be looking at paying about 200+ bucks a all most a year to play a game