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Keyboard and mouse

Well this Christmas I finaly got that new keyboard and mouse I've been needing. playing ut2k4 can realy kill a mouse and keyboard over time alot faster then just playing most games. But Both the keyboard (Logitech G15 gaming keyboard and the G5 lazer mouse ) are grate for all your gaming needs. Got mine at a little store called A-power. There almost always 100% grate for prices total cost to me for the keyboard and mouse were 162$ not bad for how grate they work. At least thats how I see it. I seen both items in othere stores sold for sold from 90-130$ each.

just to funny

on,you are completely wrong...AC and animated CG films...they use COMPUTERS VERY SHARPED ONES...NOT PCs got the difference???

some very smart fanboy types that then i think to my self hey thats pritty funny.  I gues I give the human race to mutch credit as a hole.

you see when some one said the word computer i think of a pc. what is a pc you might ask now-a-days well ill let you know its a COMPUTER you smart guy. now ill let you all off this time because I think your lacking in the mental department. you know the part of you that lets you do more then eat sleep Sh*t and P*ss oh and cant for get say things about stuff you dont seem to truely understand in the first place

well dont worry its not your fault your the way you are its your pairents they pritty mutch didnt beat you as hard as they should of

my thoughs

i have played meny meny first person shoots in my time the first one i ever played was my hero DUKE NUKEM played duke nukem 3d played it for hours played it till i could beat the last boss on the 3rd part of the game in 14 seconds flat this was easly done thanks to my insane runing forward and back wards jumping like im crazy and my good old trust friend the devastator now thats a gun rapid fire missles godda love it took a full load to take him down but now sence the grate glory days of the king ive seen games sutch as unreal unreal 2 unreal tournament ut2k3 and 2k4 and 2k4 is fast and lets you be creative considering you can charge head on agenst a tank use the shield gun to shield jump land on top of it pump it full of nades jump off and wotch it go bye bye not only does it look cool but its fun to do 2

but i feel the purfect game the absalutly best posible game will combined air combat ground combat and watter combat like battle field with the grace and speed and handling of an unreal tournament style game were you would fight tooth and nail to get to a building that is being defended only to jump inside the doer and like in the new unreal champean ship game comming out bust in there with a close combat weapon and start hacking and slashing your way threw your targets but all so being able to jump off walls do wicked flips witch take you right up to the roof walk across it down the othere side of the wall just for the sake of looking cool a flashy game thats fun to wotch keeps your heart POUNDING and most importents lets out that 3rd instinct witch is to blow up eny thing and every thing that you can get close a nuff to doing but be sides the games fast pace it would all so have to be able to have a hard core stelth eliment to it were you could sneack in the base duck crawl and shimmy your way in to the base with out making a sound or letting eny one know your even there with this you would all so need security cameras gun turrents and othere automated defences to stop this from happening were talking electrified ground and fences or posibly even make shift ones were you would simple have a broken lamp and a lot of watter on the ground othere more traps would be like some ones smart thinking and dumping a bottle of dish soap on the ground make sure your oponents see you then make a dairing dash to exscape around a corner only for them to start runing and find out they cant stop with out falling down having all that in a game would make it intence fast paced for when you just wont to make some one cry or stealthy for when you feel like having the satisfaction of being able to see your oponents and let them walk by just so you can laugh when you get to the objective score or steal what ever you have to do this all well knowing they havent the slitest clue you were in there base till it was to l8