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  • joebudden12 wrote a review of Pokemon Ruby Version.
    User Rating 9
    It's exotic and highly good.

    It's like any other only its exotic ways have changed in this one. Its storyline is interesting and can even pose difficulty in certain bits. Of course though any difficulties don't distract your att...

  • joebudden12 wrote a review of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.
    User Rating 7
    Great entertainment from the bosses...

    The lower thing to draw off is the puzzles though. It can be boring and difficult getting through each areas puzzles. Sometimes even annoying. The game, generally, is medium difficulty. It's consider...

  • joebudden12 wrote a review of Resident Evil: Revelations.
    User Rating 8
    Pretty pulling.

    It's different from other resident evil games but in a good way. It has good graphics, guns and storylines. The characters are Jill, Chris and the others new to Resident Evil. The monsters are scary ...

  • joebudden12 wrote a review of Pokemon X.
    User Rating 8
    Pretty magnetising.

    It's very grabbing. It's cool and never boring. It has a great bunch of pokemon.The gyms are well-done. The wild has a great selection of monster's to capture/train. It has new pokemon from kalos. It ...

  • joebudden12 wrote a review of BioShock Infinite.
    User Rating 8
    A good ps3 game and a needed entry to the title.

    Bioshock Infinite is a great shooter. it's story is good enough to keep you focused. The weapons and everything that ties in with that are generally great. It does well to keep the flame burning of t...

  • joebudden12 wrote a review of Demon's Souls.
    User Rating 9
    A playstation 3 classic.

    Demon Soul's is the best within the souls games. It has the strongest plot. The backdrop justifies everything pondered or not pondered. It's hard but not very hard. Keep trying and it'll lead to succe...

  • joebudden12 wrote a review of Resident Evil 2 (Platinum).
    User Rating 8
    Good in many different respects but not overly brilliant.

    This game is very spooky. From the off it supplies what you want as in: scary enemies, close combat; familiar resident evil gameplay etc. Which means it's very similiar to the first resident evil - he...