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My parents upgraded to a HD TV finally !!!!!!!!!!

This saturday my parents finally brought two Dynex 26 inch HD TV`s and then they put one in my room. I always knew that games on my 360 looked realistic on my old SD TV but when I first hooked up my 360 the HD TV and powered up Battlefield 3 and later Assassin`s Creed Revelations my jaw just dropped. I had always heard that games looked awesome on HD TV`s but I mean man Battlefield looks like the real thing on HD Im impressed and dont get me started on Assassin`s Creed. Ive had my 360 since 2008 and have always used a SD TV untill now and I must say that it was well worth the wait.

PS Vita

I just picked up my Vita with both 3G/Wi-fi today along withUncharted: Golden Abyss and it is awesome system. I mean for a handheld its graphics is like that of the ps3 along with the fact that it has two analog sitcks Thank you sony. everyone should get this its a good buy. Uncharted is a great game for this handheld along with its gameplay and ps3 like graphics

Merry Christmas everyone

Just wanted to shout out to my GS family merry Christmas. Since Im off for two weeks I just spend time playing 2k11 and Black ops which are awsome games two games of the year. May you all have a wonderful holiday.

I finally got xbox live

I finally signed into xbox live last night I know im late as heck but I feel it will be worth it thanks to me getting a 50ft ethernet cord. Iam using the one month trialof the gold xbox live fornow My id is RaveJosephHalo so hit me up.

I finally got my new labtop!!!!

I just got my new labtop this friday from best buy it is a Hewlett-Packard. It has a Intel Core 2 Quad processor Q9000, Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit, 6GB of memory, 500GB hard drive and a ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 graphics card with 1GB of dedicated memory. This is great now I can play Empire Total war, Company of Heros, and world in conflict right in my lap Im now back into PC gaming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Finally got my PSP !!!!!!!!!!!!!

After two months my brother sent it to me this week !!!!!!!!!!! Im so excited now I can get and play God Of War And MOH Heros 1,2 and many other PSP games and of course movies. But the good thing is that it already came with a game and a movie.