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Share a couple of items on your Christmas wishlist this year.
I need a new graphics card and more memory to play wow better. And nice headphones so I don't wake the baby up with my cattackalism.

What games will you play during the holidays?
I'll be playing some old games this holiday break. As much as it pains me I won't be playing WOW, I'll be in Washington DC at my in-laws house and will try to refrain from installing it on their old PC. I'll be taking my Xbox and finishing Red Dead Redemption. And Finally finishing Assassins Creed 1! And Mass Effect 1! Yes, I'm that behind. Maybe some Need for Speed Hot Pursuit and Force Unleashed II as well.

What are the kinds of food or drinks you must have during the holidays?
I won't be without this Holiday season are lots of coffee and donuts, but that's just everyday for me. Holiday Favorites include African Peanut Soup, spinach dip, chips and salsa, and I'll need a fair share of Diet Dr. Pepper.