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Everyone is Right and Nobody is wrong....

*Disclaimer! In my post, I in no way say that any one person or group of people are bad or that there is anything wrong with the decisions people make. I am only talking about a very common issue that I know many people have faced and would like to hear other opinion's on peoples own experience's. Please refran from leaving any negative comments as that is eaxtly the issue I am addressing in my blog.

With all the "Tests" and "Studies" I have seen on the effects and influence of the Internet and Video Games on both children and adults, I would love to see a study into the seperate personalities we seem to all develop when we switch from normal human interaction to the Virtual Universe that is the Internet. Go into any blog or forum or play any game online and you'll quickly learn that everyone has an opinion and that they are always right and you are always wrong, except from your own point of view ofcourse. People are treated as lesser human beings simply because of their choice of video games or console, or are treated poorly because they are new to the game and are not automatically as good as the other people they are playing with. People get down right angry to the point of threatening violence, to insulting peoples families just because they own a 360 instead of a PS3. I play games like Counter Strike and am subjected to endless vile, vulgar and hateful comments towards myself and other players. We all know that if, sitting face to face, people would not even think to say such things, but when they are on-line they feel they have the protection to say anything they can to belittle and degrade other people. I for one don't think stylized violence in video games leads to violent or aggressive behavior but I do think it's the moral gut check we seem to lose when we can say what ever hurtful and hate filled thing we want with out consequence. A person might spend hundreds or even thousands of hours each week on-line saying and doing what ever they wish...after a while this starts to manifest it's self in the real world. They lose that little voice in their head that tells them not to do something because it is wrong or they could get into trouble. Vulgar responses become automatic and people are no longer able to control their actions. I am no expert and my opinion is based solely on my own experience and the experience of people close to me that have experience the same or similar situations. I have found myself guilty of some of these things myself. Someone might make a remake in poor taste and I'll snap on them both on and off-line. What I have learned to do is to play some of my games on-line with the in game voice turned off. It is necessary to talk to people in some games and I do talk to my friends in game but I find it just makes for a much more enjoyable on-line experience if I don't have to listen everyone complain, yell, cuss and rant over just a game.

Call Of Duty 4

I will like to tip my cap to the boys at Infinity Ward, they done an excellent job up of graduating from WWII classics to Modern Warfare. From what I have seen on the Leader Boards there is already over 200,000 people playing the On-Line Multi Player Beta. You would not get this kind of reaction with a WWII Shooter. The weapons and upgrades system is fantastic and really keeps you excited about a game. For me, just earning promotions gets old after a while but with the "Perk" and "Challenge" systems you want to keep playing more and more. Let us not forget that the founders of the COD series were formerly employed making the MOH series but knew they could do better own their own terms. I felt like the last 3 COD games were better then the most recent installments of MOH but it's hard to get excited about a yet another WWII game and I am glad Infinity Ward recognized this.

PS3 vs 360

It still amazes me how soooo many people can still think that the PS3 is a better system then the 360. The PS3 has more Processing power but from everything I have seen that Processing power is wasted on unecessary background content. even did a side be side comparrison on 5 games that are on both systems, and EVERY game on the 360 had richer fuller detail on EVERY surface, itemand character compared to the PS3. The PS3 wasted it's processing power on putting in extra background items like trees or bigger crowds walking down the street. I'll take richer, fuller detail over extra trees any day. Also, the whole Blue Ray thing really blows my mind!!!! I would have thought people would have learned their lesson with their PS2's breaking over and over again because watching movies burns out the disc motor...I'll keep my video games and DVD watching seperate. 360=Better Graphics, More Games, Better Value, Bigger On-Line Community, Easier Upgrades, Better Support=Better System!

Next Gen

Having been a next gen console owner for several months now, I have learned a thing or two. I was right to hold out and not buy a PS2. Game Cube will always be a better system in my mind even if the choices were limited. Better game play is important. That's where next gen systems come in. Never have I seen hype like the PS3 and it did nothing but let EVERYONE down. It was clear after the first two weeks that PS3 didn't live up to its hype when I saw the people at Best Buy ASKING people if they wanted to buy a PS3 because they couldn't sell out after the 2nd shipment. You had the crazy people that stood in line for days and paid thousands of dollars on ebay that first week. The ones selling that first week were they only smart ones out there. The Wii blew PS3 out the water in sales and the 360, which has been out for over a year, beat them both! I keep reading review after review that says the PS3 can't handle it's games better graphics and often runs slow and choppy. Not to mention the fact that one of the PS3's big selling points was Hi-Def but forced their fans, who saved $600-$700 for the system itself, to spend ANOTHER $100 for an HDMI cable which has become the standard for Hi-Def components. Bottom line, don't waste your time and money for a PS3, get a 360. If you really want a PS3 I'd wait for two things, a price drop and a second or third release that has addressed the choppy play issue with the graphics.