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Mouse gone nutso-

Ya so get this, my new HP Pavilion dv6000 has decided to start acting up, and by acting up I mean that the mouse has stopped working recently. However, this is not like every other case. For a while I won't have a problem with it but then randomly it will decide to stop working, but the funny thing is that I'll either be able to click anything and only anything on the desktop and/or sometimes only the windows task bar at the bottom. So, I start freaking out blah blah blah, and instinctively hit Ctrl Alt Delete. I can't click the task manager...but wait after about 2 or 3 clicks I can finally open it up. Now I can click on the task manager and I'm thinking "well at least this thing works" but unable to see any easy way to solve it I close the task manager and my mouse isn't acting up at all. Somehow I've solved it! Or so I thought...This becomes a continuous problem and happens at random occasions throughout the day. I've uninstalled the mouse driver and reinstalled it. I've rolled back to an earlier date before it started screwing up. I've tried everything. Any ideas at all guys? Every little bit helps.