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Was that... Me?

As lots of you (dont) know by now, my gamespot status has faded, Mostly due to the fact i'm never on it anymore. I do check the occasional gaming news as i like to keep up to date but my profile scares me now, truly...

When i log onto my profile, like i did today , I read through my blogs and old reviews. What first came to mind is how immature i was. I had so many typos, and everything just seemed so childish. Was i really like that?

The last time i can remember properly using this profile for blogs/unions/forums was when i was 13 going on 14. Im now 17 nearly 18. I must say , this page is cringe-worthy to look at.

But i'll keep it that way , it's funny at the same time. In the future i may log back on and find my childishy ramblings of what i thought was a mature gamer when i was that young. Maybe you will too , the remainder of my friends list ... i cant remember any of you , i'm sorry

I better wrap this up. permanantly.

Was fun GS. Good luck :)

Soul Calibur FEVER!!

Soul calibur has been released for XBLA today, and i'm currently downloading it, gawd its huge! So i decided to post this blog which someone may or may not read :D

I know it has no online or mission mode, but its the only soul calibur game (incl soul edge) that i never played, and Gamespot gave it 10/10, so must be fairly solid!

In other news, SOUL Calibur 4 will hit my home in August 1st, as europe get it later >_< That game is gonna rock my socks off, thinking about it know, ive had the same SC3 siegfried banner for 2 years lol, thanks azzazthing, i think is the person who made it, or was it? :o

Gonna go buy Soul calibur3 again as my disc broke. Not rly bothered getting sc2 i loved that game but i think i have enough soul calibur in me right now.

ANywho i better end this before i bore ya

long time no talky guys ! :D

Im leaving all unions for one very good reason

they are damn burdens...

i like posting and all but now i feel like i have to come back and post even when im busy.

thats probably the reason why i havent been posting at my unions either.

and plz stop with thes damn F****ng annoying union requests

To All die hard DS players...i have achieved...happyness

because after like the whole summer i have finally finished Lost Magic...the most haredest game ever on the DS.

i mean it dosent usually take me this long to finish a game. its just levels near the end are soo damn hard i almost smashed my ds of the wall. but i still live in harmony now with my ds...i love it so.... :D :D

The argument that went 360!

The argument over the faulty xbox 360 taht i purchased.
ok so i noticed that the 360 was not working. i got very pissed off and i asked my dad could he drop me to my local gamespot.
so he did and he came with me. Gamespot said that they could not do anything about it at all and said we should contact microsoft about it.
we did and guess what they said. they said that the store had the responsiblilty to give me a replacement as long it was before 28 days.
i got angry knowing i had to travel a good distance again. we contacted gamestop. we said that microsoft had siad it was gamestops responsibility. they denied it. but after a bit of giving out from my dad they offered a replacement. the good thing is. this 1 works.
ahh my dads the greatest.
only one problem... i bought DoA4 for it and.... that the hardest game i have ever played in my life. so im playin hexic most of the time.

i would also like to announce that im back on GS a little more Hooraaaayy!!