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This is Some serious Bullshit.

Unlike most gamers on the web I actually liked the TV control features on the XBOX One (the Name is still really stupid). I think the new Kinect shows great promise, and the systems ability to recognize my friends is something I've needed for a while (I'm tired of having to have a profile for all of my firends on my system even though they already have a profile on their system) Sadly the goods things about the new XBOX system are overshadow by the terrible things. I don't even buy used games and I think the used game blockers are total bullshit. No Company should be able to tell us what we can do with our own property. No Company should be able to punish people for a bad internet connection. Basically Microsoft thinks they can use their new system to but their way into our lives and constantly tell us what we can and can' do. :x And I haven't even started on the Kinect being "Always On". Could Microsoft seriously not think to try to prove they arn't spying on us and in order to sell "Market Research" information on us.

I can only hope there is enough justice left in this world that enough people will take a stand to make Microsoft realize they can't do this Skynet type shit to people and expect to be rewarded for it.