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It's been rough lately...

Since I started school last Thursday, I have been buried in homework. On top of that, recently I have had late practices that don't start until 5 pm, so I won't be able to post as frequently as I would like. Don't worry people, I'll definitely be posting lots on the weekends. If these late practices stop soon, I can start posting on weekday afternoons again (hopefully).

Just when you think GS is dead...

Me and gamescollector helped make Nintendo Universe uber-active the other night, and that makes me think that other unions have a chance of making it. No union is really dead at all, and all it takes is some active members.

A Renewed Focus...

Recently, I have been playing my Pokemon Pearl again since I FINALLY got my DS fixed. It's a bummer that I missed some event pokemon, but I am still going to complete my pokedex. Yup, I'm gonna cath 'em ALL!

I'm BACK!!!

I've been away from Gamespot for over a year now thanks to my life unfolding right before me. Juggling 3 sports with AP classes is not very easy, and thus I have had no time to post. But still, I am making my comback today, on the 1st of September. Anyone who reads this will know that I plan on returning to my mega-posting ways.

I also got some new games for my Wii and DS, and I plan to RULE!

Is it just me or is GS as a whole down in activity??

seriously ppl wut do u think i mean ppl havent posted in like a million unions and some officers of some unoins havent really been around lately. me personally i was in washington dc for 3 days plus hw, and where i am its nightimte rite now so i wont b posting for an hour but yea i mean cmon ppl WORK!!

The Long Haul...

been gone for about a month, sorry to all the people who were like "WHERES JET?!?!?!?!??!?" well im here now and ill be active i have brawl now i will play anyone my fc is on my sig but ill put it on my home page too

Long Time No See...

sryy for the extremely long time of no posting. ive been real busy with hw and my new wii (still no new games yet but my bday is on easter sunday:D) and i havent had time to post and wen i get SSBB, ill probably be really inactive for almost a week or so

Cartoon Link

hey guys i am posting my HAND DRAWN Picture of Link (although teh fairy got cut off and it looks extremely dirty although in real life it is a bit cleaner) and ill probably post more of my HAND DRAWN pics every week this is week 1:

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