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ME x2; Scene It; CoD4

Finished my 2nd playthrough of Mass Effect over the weekend. Wierd Achievement Point glitch; I played the entire game with the same two crewmembers, but only got an achievement for one of them. Also - it's a little frustrating to have sunk another 20 hours into that game to only come out with 60 new Points or so. I do want to get more Points - and I'd also like to get my character up to Level 60, as right now I'm halfway to 59 - but I'm gonna take a break until they release some DLC. (And by DLC, I mean planets and missions. I'm already up to my ears in armor, guns and ammo, and I don't need any more - I've got more credits than I can spend, and more Omni-gel than I can use.)

Also - bought Scene It, which I've been playing with my wife all week. I feel bad because I'm a movie trivia nerd and I've been winning by quite a bit, but we've still had a lot of fun with it. (It's also a nice Points-generating game - I'm up to over 700 in only a few hours.)

Also - caved and bought Call of Duty 4. I wasn't really that crazy about the single-player campaign, but it's getting GOTY all over the place, and I never really gave the MP a look. Too bad XBL was down all weekend, although I did manage to get into a few matches, and the perk/levelling-up side of things is very well done. I'm not sure anyone on my Friends List is still playing it anymore, though. Oh well.

Happy New Year, everybody!