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And now I have to buy a friggin' PS3.

It's not technically 100% over - Toshiba hasn't, like, surrendered - but Warner Brothers' announcement of Blu-Ray exclusivity (which subsequently was echoed by New Line) means that Blu-Ray has pretty much won the format war, and which also means that now I have to buy a goddamned PS3, which I really didn't want to feel forced into doing, especially since I've already got 15 or so HD-DVDs. I have grown to crave 1080p content, in any form, even if it means suffering through 5 minutes of American Gladiators, and so I gotta keep with the times, and apparently very urgently. Sure, I guess it also means that I get to play LittleBigPlanet, but still - this was $500 that I really didn't want to have to spend.

I've said it before, though, and I'll say it now and again - I absolutely believe that within 2-3 years (5 at the most) this whole format war will be meaningless. Digital distribution will be the way of the future. The iPod has already proven that people can live without CDs; if the 360 and PS3's large hard drives will be used accordingly, or if there's some other storage device on the horizon, people can live without DVDs. And believe me, this is a wierd thing for me to say - I am a collector, as well as a consumer wh0re, and I like seeing my bookshelves and CD racks and DVD shelves filled with media. I like opening up shrinkwrap. But it's unnecessary. As I've also said before, 1080p content is 1080p content no matter how it arrives, and if the telecoms can ever be bothered to open up bandwidth speeds, digital distribution will be the norm. Hell, it's already happening, if bittorrent is any indication; digital distribution and commerce is the best way for the movie industry to embrace the inevitable.

In the meantime, I finally got my rental copy of Avatar and did indeed get 1000 Points in 5 minutes. Which is good, because even in that 5 minute span the game was positively reeking of suck.