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A return, of sorts

Maybe it's because we're in the January videogame doldrums, or maybe it's because I'm sad that so many longtime GSers are bailing, but I find that I'm not really spending that much time on this site anymore. That said, until I figure out where else to put all my game-related musings out on the 'tubes, this remains as good a place as any.

And since Burnout Paradise arrives next week, which (for me) officially gets 2008 started, I guess I've got some things to say.

First things first, though - I've not really been gaming very much over the last month, which is frustrating because I'm soooooo close to 30K. I bought Call of Duty 4 so that I could try to get more Achievements from doing the campain on Veteran, but it's just too goddamned hard. Hell, I even bought Boogie Bunnies or whatever it's called to try and squeeze out some points. Here's hoping BOPC has a nice Points curve to it.

Speaking of Burnout, I couldn't NOT download Burnout 3 through XBL's Originals program. I'd traded in my copy of BO3 when BO4 came out, and then traded that copy in towards the 360 version, and then traded that in when I'd hit the wall (so to speak). BO3 is one of my all-time favorite games; I spent HOURS AND HOURS with that game, both online and off-. It's interesting to come back to it after however many years it's been; certainly the graphics are suddenly a lot worse than I remember, but the sense of speed is still astounding and the controls are still rock solid. I do miss pounding the B button to get additional Crashbreakers in Crash mode, which was one of BO4's big additions, but still - that game remains as awesome as it originally was.

Even though I've not been gaming very much lately, I HAVE been making great use of my HD-DVD add-on. I will eventually get a PS3, if only for the Blu-Ray, but for now I'm snatching up as many HD-DVDs as I can. If any of you have it (or a plain old HD-DVD player), I insist that you get the Zodiac HD-DVD which just came out last week. Aside from being a really well-made film, the HD picture is jaw-dropping - it's easily the best looking HD-DVD I've seen, and I've seen most of the good ones. The Matrix movies look really good in HD, too; Pan's Labyrinth is also quite stellar; and I'm quite certian that Blade Runner is now looking as good as it ever will.

Anyway, that's the news. I will definitely be online when BOPC arrives next week; hit me up.