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My perfect online shooter

I would make a game called War. It would combine COD4, MAG, warhawk, and Mechwarrior. Basically, the matches would be 4 armies of 500 further broken down to 5 sectors of 100 cells of 5. Features would be the fact that you could either have compelling ground battles then jump into a near by Mech, tank, plain, jet, etc; or just fight with a variety of guns.(not like the warhawk ground play) but stragetically like with COD4. Like MAG, it isn't a huge free for all but you would be apart of 5 man platoons or cells with you own set of objectives. Like a bomber squad, sent with Jets, Bombers, or helicopters would be sent to take out an enemy building. You could have 2 Jets, having to protect the 1 bomber from enemy fire and 2 helicopters for added support. That 5 man cell would battle a 5 man cell with maybe 2 stationed rocket torrents, a jet, and 2 mechs protecting the building the first team was sent to destroy. The maps would be huge and filled with buildings that are all able to be entered. Some cells would be send in with all ground units like maybe 2 normal infantry men a tank pilot and 2 bomb disarm specialist to storm a building that has been taken over and rigged with explosives by a rival cell made up of 2 bomb specialist, 2 infantry men, and a helicopter for air support and transportation back to their base. Every 100 sets of cells or sector would have a single re spawn point called a base with 5 bases making up an entire army. The goals of the armys would be to either attack an enemy base, engage an attacking unit, provide support to allies, disarm bombs, set bombs, storm a building on the enemy's territory, protect a building, or protect plots trying to take off. For an army to win the round they would have to successfully take out the other 3 army's or the last army with a base left wins. If a base is taken over then it can be taken back but it still counts as a lost so you can either take over all enemy bases or destroy them all. If you are apart of that sector that takes over a base, then you will have new missions opened to you regarding protecting that new base and you can choose to respwan there or your original base. If your base is taken over then you will also have new missions open to you regarding taking that base back or preventing it from being destroyed and you would have to respawn from another ally base making that base extra crowded and prone to enemy bombings( The up-side about taking over a base is its easier to do than to destroy it. The up side about destroying an enemy base is that its gone for the rest of that match and the other basses will stay crowded so more cells can be taken out with a single bombing) . The flow of the matches would be either offensive missions or defensive missions. Ultimately the offensive missions would one way or another conclude to destroying 10 buildings in a different army's territory, then gaining access to start attacking a base in that army until all basses are either taken over at least once or destroyed(take down 10 buildings, take down/take over a base repeat.). All defensive missions would conclude to ultimately protecting buildings and basses, taking back basses, or providing support to plots trying to take off. All matches would be real time an in third person. Finding a game would be as easy as joining a conflict, or you and your own 5 friends making your own cell, or just joining a cell. Clans can be made of single cells or groups of cells... say your clan has 15 members, you can make a group of 3 cells. All of you would be set up to have missions that keep you all close so you wont start out on different sides of the map. For example, the clans the missions could be 1 cell goes in to attack a building on the enemy side(building not base) with 1 cell watching their back as air support and the last cell fighting off ground units trying to enter that building to stop the first cell's mission. If all 5 members of any given cell die then that mission is a failure, but if at least one member lives then each member that died can come back 2 times. So you have 3 lives unless you are all whipped out within 10 seconds of each other. This is my perfect online shooter.