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ARMA II - Of course there are no bugs o_O

What I like about most releases these days is that they hit the shelves totally bug free, optimized and they never crash ;)

Any1 else seen this in ARMA II?

Let me tell you its suprising when your scouting for enemies and you circle a church and find........4.....Driver, get in that car.

......Roger....... (surely he cant???)Well....whattaya know?!?!?!4...move to Cooper!!!! ROFL...ok....Now who would park a perfectly good car on a church roof??? and...HOW! lol :)

Now who would park a perfectly good car...ON A CHURCH ROOF? lol

Yes I know ARMA II aint the best bug-free experience...but that, my friends, is something else lol :) :) :)

Call of Juarez Bound In Blood

(taken from my reply to a forum question)

How is this game running for you? please state your experience in each phase

1. installation

2. optimization with graphics ( anti-aliasing?), sound ( 5.1 support?)

Must say so far this title seems very well optimized! Suprised & impressed compared to the first one.

Installation was trouble free...nothing much too add lol

On my (now) lowly q6600 @ stock 2.40ghz, 4gb, 22" monitor, 2x8800gt SLI it runs fantastic!

Playing at 1680x1050 (now playing at 1440x900 as cards were getting a little hot :) ), forced 4xAA, SLI enabled, everything maxed (athough theres not 'that' much to alter)

So far, and this is the whole truth and nothing but the truth the frame rate has not dipped below 60! (vsync on) Even when the onscreen explosions get reeeeal busy. Didnt the first game have 3rd person view? I miss that sometimes because the FOV seems a little tight sometimes....might be moddable

I wanted to like the first game, but it was a truly frustrating experience from start to end ( I recently re-installed it on the above played the same as when I last played it on a lesser system previously )

So to sum up, Installed fine, performance is excellent, sound (voice tallent etc) is perfect, however I play with headphones so cant confirm 5.1 surround, controls are fine, senitivity was a little off but I use a G9 so no probs there.

If your at least interested in a western it


Sometimes the enemy AI is laughable but it doesnt spoil the gameplay any.


lol just went to add this to now playing, stupid gamespot wont let me, its release here is 3rd July, my pre-order arrived this am.

NOTE frame rate drops when taking a screenie but never drops below 60 ingame :)

A sad day for me...........

Now, Im a lucky boy, I have my days off on Monday & Tuesday when all is quite. I can stroll around town at my own pace, no rush, no 'hurry hurry' pressure.

So today I thought Id take a walk to my local Gameshop...(Im walking more recently to try and shed some extra pounds ;))...

Anyway, as the title says Today is a sad day for me, because upon arrival at said video-game-store, to my horror.......


Lots of choice's for DS, Wii, Xbox, & Ps3...but literally they now have NOTHIING for PC.

Obviously I questioned the guy at the counter, and as predicted the answer was "We just dont sell enough PC software anymore. For months sales of PC titles has declined and finally we took the decision to withdraw PC titles from our stock."

It is truly a sad, sad day when my local GAMES store no longer sells PC GAMES.



Buy it.

That is all.

(PS. the first 30 minutes or so, you will think the game is sh!t...this is just the 'tutorial' part of the game....push on and you will fall in love with this awesome game...shame there is no multiplayer though)

prototype 1prototype 2prototype 3

Beyond Good & Evil 2

Has anyone else been looking forward to this?

The first one was....ok...I guess.

But I must admit the sequel is really looking quite special.

Think 'Mirrors Edge' in 3rd person :)

Theres a nice vid of some footage on here somewhere...hang on.....

Beyond Good & Evil 2 footage

Now I know its asking a lot, but if we could manage to get in-game character animations and movements like in this video, Ubisoft could give us all a gaming treat....stay tuned :)

Terminator Salvation WORKING now on PC (Wish I hadnt bothered)

Finally got my copy of Salvation replaced with a WORKING one, nice way to screw a release if ever I saw one.

I appreciate some of you may not have the game yet, but in case you missed it, they recalled all the PC discs o_O

Apparently they had left a .cab file from the burned PC retail discs!......ouch o_O

Even with this farce I still managed to get a RETAIL working copy 7 clear days before it is released here, courtesy of contacts & air mail ;)


Im off to be Mr Conner some more now :) Have fun fellow gamerz.

ps right click and click 'view image' to see pics properly

+++++ EDIT +++++

Erm....Ive finished replay value.........3hrs 40Minutes....thats the gameplay time.

Ive gotta be totally honest, I enjoyed playing it, but there was more engagement and anticipation when installing rather than playing :) imho Give it a miss, I got this dirt cheap and still paid £4.97 per gameplay hour lol.

The state of PC gaming.....

Just a little brain-prod to see if anyone has thoughts or feelings on PC gaming in 2009.

Has it been good so far?

Has it been the most disapointing?

Where are people going wrong/right?

Which games have made you want to run away from PC gaming forever, and likewise which titles have restored your faith in ONLY 2009 so far ;)

Hit me up fellow gamerz.