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Goodbye 360. Hello PS3!

Well. My Xbox began freezing up regularly last week. It was a horrifying reality. My Xbox was not immune. So...I traveled to Gamestop. Sold all my Xbox gear/games along with other games I probably won't be playing again and put it on an Edge card. Why an Edge card? Besides the bonus cash for trade-ins I could use it online to purchase a refurbished 80gb backwards compatible PS3.

Am I a traitor? I don't really care. I only had 5 games on Xbox. Lost Odyssey, Eternal Sonata, Tales of Vesperia, Prince of Persia, and Lego Star Wars Complete Saga. 4 of these titles are also found on PS3. Two of these titles are found on PS3 with improvements-Eternal Sonata and soon to be released (we hope in America) Tales of Vesperia.Lost Odyssey is the one I will miss out on, but I will survive.

Do I miss the 360? Sure. My wife and I liked to watch Netflix. I had a few games downloaded from Xbox live. So I miss out on those. At least however, I won't be paying $50 dollars a year for Live. As far as Netflix goes...there are ways...a ROKU box, or an application called PlayOn which works through the PC to stream Netflix to PS3 among other machines.

The PS3 arrives tomorrow. I am excited. I am excited for the PSP-PS3 communication, and the PS Store among other features. I love the menu on Sony systems. Also, because I bought a backward compatible 80gb system I will be able to put the PS2 somewhere else and still enjoy PS2 games. I realize the BC is not perfect but I checked out my games on the Playstation homepage and I believe I am in luck!

It should go well. PS3 has a much better track record than the Xbox. That is peace of mind that is worth the extra money.

Kingdom Hearts Series

I don't think that ranking a game based on all its separate parts works. I think a game must be consider the sum of everything. In this the Kingdom Hearts series is amazing.

I bought Kingdom Hearts II when it came out. It was my first Kingdom Hearts game. I had tinkered on the first one a few years before, but never really got into it. Needless to say, I was confused and wondering what the heck was going on. It took me quite a while to get through it...months...actually.

SO...I finally picked it up again and finished it off and really enjoyed the game. I forgot for a while about the series (thank you Final Fantasy 1-12...except 11...) and for Christmas 2007 I got my wife to get KH 1 for me. About the same story, I got into it a little, then...put it away. Finally finished it. I got Chain of Memories for the GBA and tried it...never finished...

Then something kind of magical happened. I re-played KH2 and completely enjoyed it. I played through it much faster. So then this last Christmas season, Re:Chain of Memories was released in America on the PS2. I realize it was in Japan before, but MAN was I glad to be able to play it on the "big screen". After some work learning the system I really enjoyed the card battle mechanics and the story gaps that were filled in. It was HARD, and I loved it. So...after that I blazed through KH1 again and am almost done with KH2...again.

So the question is, why would I play these games this many times? First of all, I am a slow learner of all the mechanics involved. They are pretty complicated games and, despite what people say, you don't just figure out the battle scheme in a few hours, sure you press X a lot...but there is much, much more involved. I enjoy the customization. Second, I love the story, it is confusing at first, but after dedicating several playthroughs to it, it makes a lot of sense. The new characters are awesome. I really like Axel, Roxas, Riku and all the Organization. I love the "marriage" of Disney and Final Fantasy. Sora is a likeable guy, and adventuring through all the Disney worlds I grew up with is an excellent adventure. The bad guys are bad...but still...not so bad...with the exception of Ansem/Xemnas. It's a great time with fast paced combat.

Really it comes down to experience. It is very fulfilling to master Kingdom Hearts games. Boss battles are incredibly hard at times. Xaldin, Xigbar, and Xemnas come to mind as well as Riku in Chain of Memories. There is an actual feeling of accomplishment when it is mastered.

Best of all. I can play this game with my son watching and I don't have to worry about content. My wife likes the game, that is always a bonus and the message is good. It can be hard to come by these things these days.

Anyway, that's my two bits on the Kingdom Hearts series. I am anxiously awaiting 358/2 days and Birth by Sleep. Until then...I think there are plenty of games to fill my recreational time...


Okay. Well this whole thing isn't going to be about how I am fighting Yiazmat right now. It is more like WHY I am fighting Yiazmat. Really. Because once I beat him, it isn't going to change my life too much. Though it would be cool if my PS2 could suck me into Ivalice for a couple hours...

Yiazmat to me represents a challenge, something to do in a game just because you can. Final Fantasy XII is an excellent game, from all standpoints. It is also a game that you must be patient with to fully enjoy. Sure the story isn't a emo as previous Final Fantasys, but it still has enough moments to push it a long. Story, gameplay, music, everything seems to be going for it.

So...I am fighting Yiazmat right now. Well. Sort of, you can save in the middle of the fight. It's really nice. My Vaan is either lvl 71 or 72 and Balthier is 70. Everyone else is...catching up. Basch is 59. This fight is a pain. Why am I doing it? I don't know, but I really am enjoying it. I still have four Espers to hunt down as well as a few other things to try to do.

I have too many games to do all the bonus quests/side quests in all of them. So I have to choose wisely. I am a husband and father, time is not always a luxury and that family is my first priority. My wife likes to roll her eyes when I tell her Yiazmat has 50 million + hp and it takes HOURS to beat him. I don't think she understands, but she humors me. She's really good that way as long as I don't go overboard. My boy sits and watches for a few minutes, but lets be honest he would rather shoot water on Mario Sunshine and walk through the "mud" which I am trying to explain will kill Mario. He doesn't really care. Then again, what's the difference with him playing in the "mud" me being a massichist and fighting Yiazmat? As long as it's fun does it matter?