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Update on my Life

WOW, it's been 2 years since I last posted something here, this isn't me starting to blog again I'm just updating everyone on my status. So Lifes been good, I've graduated from collage for video game design and am looking for a job in my expertise, Video game programming. You can check out some of the games I've already created on my website: You can also follow me on Twitter: @Jeff_J5Films, my pictures on Flickr: jeff_higgins, my irc channel, and finally all of my anime updates on MyAnimeList: jeff537665. See Ya, I'll never be posting here again.

Last Blog

As you've probably noticed I haven't posted in a LONG time, no I'm not dead or dieing, I just haven't been on GS for a while, I've sort of moved on to another site, MAL,, I know some of you already use the site, as for the rest of you, if you like anime I recommend you sign up right now. I don't think I'll start another blog on another site as I've determined that blogs aren't my thing. In other MAL related news, I changed my list and profile sty|e, here's my new list. In other news: If you ever want to talk to me you can find me on the irc channel #myanimelist on, I'm there most of the time, you can PM me in irc to start a private chat. The weather here is crazy! it's snowing hard and it's SPRING! here's a pic of all the snow we have: Snow in April! Good bye all :D

New Graphics card!!!

I originally had a "EVGA Nvidia GeForce GTX 280 FTW" on order but it never came (out of stock) and when EVGA removed the card from their site I canceled my order, on the same day EVGA released the "285 FTW" so I ordered it right away since I ordered it on a Friday (Jan 30) I had to wait a weekend for it to arrive :(, so that Monday (Feb 02) I found a nice box on my porch that said EVGA on the side :D. I went and removed my old cards right away and installed them in a computer I put together with some old parts, Motherboard, CPU, RAM, and TV tuner card were all in my computer once before I upgraded them, my old PS3 hard drive (I had no other use for it:P) and a new power supply that I bought because I didn't have any others, I then installed Windows 7 on it (which has media center) and hocked it up to my TV, so it's now my Media center PC so now I can pause record and rewind live TV:D. I then installed my new cards in my computer and they work great:D I ran 3DMark06 to see what my benchmark was and here's the results: Old GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 7800 KO: 5349 3DMarks New GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 285 FTW: 15639 3DMarks I also ran 3DMark Vantage on my system and here's the results: 3DMark Vantage results: EVGA GeForce GTX 285 FTW: P15410 3DMarks wow there's alot of code for just that little bit: the results: Old GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 7800 KO: 5349 3DMarks New GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 285 FTW: 15639 3DMarks I also ran 3DMark Vantage on my system and here's the results: 3DMark Vantage results: EVGA GeForce GTX 285 FTW: P15410 3DMarks Back to the graphic card, I launched Crysis ans let it pick the best settings, and it set them at "Very high"!!! that's much better than the "low" it gave to my old GPUs :D
In other news: I've been extremely busy lately because of a show I've been doing at the music hall, it's "wizard of OZ", I'm doing lights, sound, and digital projection which involves recording 3 people and cutting out their heads to display as a video on a screen. Also I created an image so large only my computer can open it, I've tried my moms computer, laptop, and dad's computer none of them can open it, the actual file size is 703 MB, and it's dimensions are 22358 x 3110. I'll try and post it later. That's all folks:D

Take that ISP! *EVIL LAUGH!*

As of today I can say I've successfully bypassed my ISPs bittorrent throttling attempts, I did this by doing a few things: 1. I changed my BT port from 6881, which is in the BT port range (6881-6999) to 4472, which I randomly selected. 2. I turned on encryption, so my ISP can't pick out my torrent packets 3. I compleatelly changed the way BT operates (they way it connects to peers/seeds, etc.) I've noticed a major speed increase, and before when I used BT my internet would stop working, now it's fine:D To see if your ISP limits BT bandwidth here's a list of bad ISPs And here's how you can get past you ISP, but the guide is designed for Azureus but I'm sure you could adapt it for other Torrent clients. The Link!

It's been a while! Win 7

It's been 4 months since my last blog post, so i thought I'd do a new one with all the stuff that's been going on. 1, I got into the Windows 7 beta! so far it's nice, fast, pretty, etc. 2. I built my own render farm, it works great. Here's some pics 3. For christmas I got a EVGA EGeForce GTX 280 FTW graphics card. 4. I've now seen 134 different anime. 5. My new 2nd favorite anime is Planetes. 6. Check out my GOOGLE profile, there's lots of links on there. 7. I have lots of 3d stuff to post once I finish it by the end of this week. See ya later.

250GB PS3, SPORE, website

I'll start with why I've been gone for the past week, I finally got redesigning my website and I've been doing that until Thursday when SPORE arrived, and you can guess what I did then:P


since I ordered the galactic edition it took a while to get here.

it's really fun, installation was a pain, after installing I had to restart, then I went to launch the game and it said my graphics driver were out of date, so I installed new ones and had to restart again, also the game has frozen 4 times now. I'm currently in the space stage, the space stage is ok but I can't do any exploring as my planets keep on getting attacked so I can't get more than 4 planets away before i get a message that my planet is getting attacked.

And the Galactic edition is defiantly worth the cost.

My race, the Lobek:

More of my creations here

I completely used all 60GB of my PS3 so I ordered a larger hard drive, and it just came

Friday, the installation went perfectly with only 1 problem, i accidentally stripped the screws, but I got them out, and everything else went flawlessly, end all my stuff us still there, excluding 1 message I got after the backup, also it says I have no trophies but my online profile says I do, I think if I start the game they will return. But anyways it's nice having a 250GB PS3.

In other PSN news I got into the SOCOM : Confrontation Beta, I hope this helps me towards HOME:D

Also is getting the same makeover Gamespot did.

Anime Convention day 3 report (late) and pictures!

Sorry I'm late on this but I was uploading my images, I've shrunk my 1007 images taken to 220.

since it would take multiple blogs and destroy any Internet connection if I put them here, I uploaded them all to picasa.

So on day 3 since I was broke:P I went hunting for free stuff:D

I filled bags of free stuff:D, including full sized movie posters, entire episodes of shows fans, and other cool stuff:D

I also managed to get $20 and i bought a kind of surprise bag from one of the vendors.

in it was lots of imported stuff, Last Exile Vo.1 limited edition (the one with the CD), and an imported CD, never heard of the artist (Nakayama Miho) but the music is ok, and a wall scroll that I'll never put up, there's a pic of the value pack in my images.

and that was day 3:D

Money I took... $500:D

Money I came home with... 10¢:cry:

Now for the links:

Link to FANEXPO images My autographs are there too, and pics of the stuff I got

I also updated my pics of my collection

Link to my collection

I loved the convention and will definatly go to another one, and i already know when the next one is, November 15th-16th, it's called dotcon, it's not as big as FANEXPO but I still can't wait.

Anime Convention day 2 report

Day 2... it's all just a blur:?

I woke up at 9a.m., replyed to comments and prepared, went down at 9:30, and waited till 10a.m. when the con opened but I didn't get in until 10:30, I later found the much less known about back door, which almost never has a line(I'll go there tomorrow) between 10:30 & 12p.m. I shopped and spent my other $360:cry: so now I'm completely broke:cry: (excluding the $4 in change I have), then I spent an hour walking around bored because I had no money:cry:

Then at 1 I went to see the BUZZ ALDRIN PRESENTATION AND Q&A, that went until 2 and was pretty boring, then I had to leave the hall go out and stand in a massive line for the next Q&A in the same room!, the event was CELEBRITY Q&A WITH STAR TREK'S KATE MULGREW, this was hilarious, and totally fun, but I had to leave before the end of it to make sure I made it into the Bleach cast panel. The Bleach panel was also great, I loved seeing Johny my favorite voice actor:D i also got a little video clip I might turn into a gif, or more probably an APNG, or both. After the panel got out I practically ran down to the signing area to get the casts autographs, even though I ran i still waited for ~2 hours, and I was in the first 1/4 of the line, I can't imagine how long the people in the back of the line waited. The whole bleach cast loved the pics I made them to sign. I then went to LIVE recording of the circuit a show that's on space (the Canadian sci-fi channel), I've set up my computer to record it, to see if I'm in it:D. I then came back to the room for 10min before I went to get in line for the masquerade, I have lots of pics I'll post later, the masquerade was hilarious, I didn't have the best seat, but that's ok. after that I came back to the room and typed this blog.

Some Stats

Pictures taken so far: 801

Total camera capacity:750-850 (varies depending on quality setting)

now for the list of stuff I've bought, get ready it's big:P:

Lucky Star Vol.1 collectors box $48.99

Lucky Star Vol.2 Limited Edition $35.99

FLAG Vol.4 $23.99

Ergo Proxy Vol.1 limited edition $9.99!

Gad Guard entire series pack (7 volumes)(vol.1 limited edition) $99.95

Last Exile Limited edition collectors box set (the one with the figure) $40

figma Yuki Nagato figure $34.95

Ichigo & rukia 5" PVC figures - got in a deal with below:D

Stargate atlantis field ops John Sheppard figure - both for $20:D (basically I got the bleach figures free!:D)

Rukia wall scroll $15

Total 10 items!

Anime Convention day 1 report

I was only there for 2 hours today, it was allot less crowded than i thought it would be, the prices on anime were amazing! I spent 1 hour in line for VIC MIGNOGNA :( they cut off the line because the con was closing, I just made it to him:D, when I get home I'll scan all my autographs, and post them with my pics.

Here's all the stuff I bought:

Full Metal Alchemist vol.7-10

Gurren Lagann Vol.1 SE & Vol.2

Tweeny Witches Vol.1 box set

total 7 items @ ~$155

that's all the money I took today:|, it's a good thing I still have $360 with me:D

Come back tomorrow for day 2:D

The time has come... my first convention!

Tomorrow (Friday) I'm headingg down to the big city for my first convention, I'm really excited, I've planned every thing all the events I want to go to (luckily there were no events at the same time, except 1p.m. sat when there's 4 all at the same time) and I've memorized the floor plan:P.

I'm staying at the hotel right in the convention center (that should be convenient:P)

Here's the guest list

I'll be taking around $500 with me for all the vendors, and what I don't spent will go towards a new graphics card(s), my 2 7800 GTX KOs are getting a bit old:P, I'm planning on getting a EVGA GeForce 280 FTW edition, but if I want 2 of them I'll have to upgrade my power supply first:(.

Here is my schedule (I suggest clicking on agenda in the top right hand corner)

I'll see you all Monday:D