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BLoG LooKed EmpTy

I don't normally blog but i guess i could use this to introduce myself. I am a bonofied gamer that loves everything Nintendo and Sony from puck-man to mega man and I just can't get enough I think theirs a song about that. Anyways I guess I'm the usual 18yr old I go to college and i play games and occasionally I play games with my friends. I'm a full on med student hoping to be a radiologist someday and can't wait till college ends. Gaming has always been a big part of my life my brothers and i always took our frustration out on each other with a good old SSF game. Theirs not much else to say but if your reading this whoever you are you know a little bit more about me and have a nice day, life, decade, bonfire, vacation, family outing, séance, holiday, assortment of holidays, mother/father bonding day, school day, snow day, etc.... you get my point. :P

PS. play portal and try portal 2 and if you don't I still want you to watch this vid it is so funny.:)

PSS. I love Anime my favs are Eden Of The East and Case Closed not to mention oh! edo rocket.