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Ocarina of Time the part missing in my life

How have I lived without this game for so long The story alone brings me joy. Then to traverse the mighty lands of Hyrule and journey to parts unknown to vanquish might foes brings a sense of accomplishment. After I fell the mighty beast I get a feeling of immense satisfaction. This game is so awesome that its no surprise it was ranked as the best game ever made. Now I haven't finished the game yet due to college stuff but this weekend looks promising, on a last note my love for zelda grew ten fold today.

P.S. If you haven't gussed I rank this game A perfect 10.

Portal the movie featuring cake

Could you see this happen? Imagine chell running around with here stiletto boots solving glaDOS impossible puzzlers and dogging turrets all while suffering physiological issues from glaDOS consent barrage of insults. While I admit that portal has a unique story with a strong protagonist and an equally as good antagonist, would a movie based on the utter satisfaction of defying the odds and solving the puzzles that haunt you while sleep create a pleasurable viewing experience? I think that it actually could work while most of portal emphasized isolation and puzzle solving there is enough material for glaDOS witty dialogue and an action packed escape from the labs of aperture. The many dynamics of portal science can fill the theaters with oohs and awes while chell gracefully leaps through the air like an eagle piloting a blimp. Over all if portal ever did make it to the theaters I would see it.

My day at the Dentist was great

So I never liked or disliked going to the dentist but my feelings may change about them now. After the cleaning and a few x-rays I not only have four cavity's but my wisedom teeth have to be pulled out sometime this summer. Granted I could have flossed more considering my cavity's are between my teeth but now I have to get all four wisdom teeth pulled out. can anyone tell my how much pain I will suffer? That was my great day at the dentist.

trails in the sky

I just found out I won the trails in the sky game from Todaaaay on the spooot!!! today now I know what I'm playing this month, sorry 3DS you take a back seat to the psp until you get better games.

I Have GO FEVER!!!

I Have an urge to learn and play GO if Any One know a website that can help my GO fever please leave a comment any info at all please.

BLoG LooKed EmpTy

I don't normally blog but i guess i could use this to introduce myself. I am a bonofied gamer that loves everything Nintendo and Sony from puck-man to mega man and I just can't get enough I think theirs a song about that. Anyways I guess I'm the usual 18yr old I go to college and i play games and occasionally I play games with my friends. I'm a full on med student hoping to be a radiologist someday and can't wait till college ends. Gaming has always been a big part of my life my brothers and i always took our frustration out on each other with a good old SSF game. Theirs not much else to say but if your reading this whoever you are you know a little bit more about me and have a nice day, life, decade, bonfire, vacation, family outing, séance, holiday, assortment of holidays, mother/father bonding day, school day, snow day, etc.... you get my point. :P

PS. play portal and try portal 2 and if you don't I still want you to watch this vid it is so funny.:)

PSS. I love Anime my favs are Eden Of The East and Case Closed not to mention oh! edo rocket.