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Street Fighter X Tekken

Cant ******* wait for this. Im a huge sf fan and this is just ... breathtaking. lol

All the upcoming games look so amazng,...

especially DEAD RISING 2 .


Bought Broderlands+other stuff

I recently Bought borderlands, since my friend convinced me to buy it and i eagerly wanted to play the zombie island of Dr. Ned DLC. It is fun so far, I am level 24 Hunter. Add me and we can play co-op.

I have been working on my Brutal Legend and Bio 2 Platinums. In Bio 2 i have Every trophy except get to level 40, i am level 34, and I dont play anymore but I think i will go back soon to Platinum it. Brutal Legend i was working on getting every item, when I got to 88 serpents and realized i was supposed to have 89. I was really pissed, and i dont want to go through every serpent location again, seeing as im on the 88th ONE.

Now I am just waiting for GOW 3, And re5 gold edition, They both wont be Release date buys since i dont wanna waste too much money now, but i will buy them.

I have stopped playing Mw2, I was Prestige 1 Fifty-something. Maybe In the future Ill go back [Not] lol.

Anyways thats it For now,


Bought [and finished] BioShock 2.

I bought Bioshock 2 [on release Date], and I gotta say, The first Was better. The story was Much more surprising, with the Whole Atlas betraying You. This time Around you met People who didnt Backstab you or anything, they just let you pass, Or Kill them. But gameplay wise, The second was better with Dual Wielding and New weapons. I will platinum Soon, Beaten the Offline Trophies, Only Have the Beat it On hard and Save all the Little Sisters and save Person 1, Person 2, and Person 3. [Trying Not to give anything away :) ]. Other then That, I just have to rank to level 40, already at 20, and the Capture your first Little Sister. Will platinum and Review it soon.

My Next Game will Be either God Of war 1 and 2 or re 5 gold edition[cant wait].

Im out peace

Brutal Legend

I bought Brutal Legend for $39.99. I was orginally going to buy No More Heroes 2, But Brutal Legend was cheaper, and i missed out on it, so i sound ill go for it.

Its Good, except for the fact that the campaign is really short. I bought it friday, and Im already fighting the last boss.

I think this will decide wether i sell it in the future or Not. I think i shouldve Bought No More Heroes 2, because it has a much longer Single Player.

Thats it, Ive still been Playing Mw 2, Dj Hero, and occasionally Lbp. Im trying to Get platinum in DJ hero By March 09. Its the release of Re 5 Gold Edition. Ultimatley, I plan to platinum or almost platinum all of my games by March(Except Lbp, because it requires DLC.)

My next purchase will be Bioshock 2, I cant wait, it Looks really great, better then the First.

Anyways thats it.

My Come Back

*Drum Roll Pleaseee*


I Am Back.

I have been gone for a while, but now i am back, and better then Before.

Gamespot died in my books, but ive styll been gaming. This site just seemed kind of nerdish too me, But i came back here and im ready to rejoice with My friends(Ha Rejoice.)

I have built my ps3 collection Big, Dj Hero, Nba 09(BADDD!), Mw 2,The Orange Box, and thats itt.

My Wish list is Avp, Re5, and of Course **Bioshock 2**

I cant wait for bioshock 2, it looks so awesome, the first one was great, and i cant wait to see how much theyve improved on the sequel.

Well now that ive explained my self, Im out.

Add me well play mw 2 *JDiamnz*

Btw, Im Prestige 1 Level 30.


Hey Guys! Long time no talk.

Not Much is going On, A few weeks ago I bought Saints Row 2, Still same old Fun:D

Im thiking of Preordering Brutal Legend On Amazon, but I dont want to pay For shipping. People told me that if the item is over 25 dollars, the shipping is free. I live In canada, and i also heard that this only Occurs In US.

Please Help Guys

Soulja Boy Please Retire. Music **** Nowadays. Join M.A.B.R. NOW!

Arent you Guys tired Of Hearing "Now Crank that YOU!!!" Everytime You Pass the Much Music Channel or When you Watch It? Or When you see his videos on the HomePage Of Youtube?

Soulja Boy Is the Worst Person To ever hit the Hip-Hop and Rap Scene Lyrically. I Know That New Music NowAdays, Is really garbage, Mostly Rap, But I Mean come On? Anybody can Go Into the Music World and Sing About SuperMan, Rubber Bands, and Cranking That. Producers are Stupid For Putting this On The market, because Its Horrible, But The Stupid Little White Kids and Wanksters Jam To this Stuff. Here are the Lyrics To His Hit Song "Crank That"

The Worst Thing about these Horrible People Who have No Talent and Can Never Be considered artists, Is that it Makes Other Good Rappers, Harder to Get Noticed. There Is alot Of Talent, But No One Can Evere get Noticed because Everyone is Hypnotized By LoliPops, Florida, and Kissing Thru The Phone. Is that Even Possible?:lol:

There are Only Some Good Rappers Now, Including Eminem, Lupe Fiasco, and Nas. Eminem Still Has lost His Touch Though, Since He Went Commercial.

It Just shows you How bad The Commercial Buisness can Skrew you Up. Artists Dont care about the Songs Or the Lyrics anymore, Its Just about Moneyy.

So Im Going to Do Something About It.



Im Starting a Union To See How Much People Hate New Music.


Degrassi Goes HollyWood B!tch!


Ive been away for awhile, out of town and not been able to connect to Internet.

The title, Yeah, Degrassi Goes Hollywood. If anybody has seen the Trailer a Million Times you would Know it premiers right now. Im watching it. Its not kicking off yet, because its only the Premier. I only have 28 channels, So i had to flip through But i found it on channel 7.

Allergies suck. Itchy eyes, Sniffy Nose.

Video Games dont appeal as much too me anymore... There just things I do in my pastime I guess.