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100th Blog/birthday party :D

Well hello there how are ya? I'm good as promised I am having my 100th blog party but i thought why not a double party so i made the party on my birthday too :D





Games and music in other room *shows you other room*


So lets have fun :D

Oh and one more thing :P lol

Danjo/carmel dance :P

Best vids ever :D

#1 http://youtube.com/watch?v=-rQqTl2lG0o&feature=related (lol brawl)

#2 http://youtube.com/watch?v=gs6GYBPNrrU&feature=related (more brawl)

#3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJ_KmK8tRYA&NR=1 (death note)

#4 http://youtube.com/watch?v=zfLw43kQD2c&feature=related (:P more brawl)

#5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mykyLBBBkgo&feature=related (link :P)

#6 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSutCVc5j6I&feature=related (no clue :P)

Lol I started this blog at 1:12am its now 2:37am lol why so long? I can't stop watching the danjo :D:P anyway this is the blog before my 100th Blog :D so my next blog will be a big PARTY :D:D:D:D:D till next time I leave you with this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzqNFCgxTA0&feature=related

BYE!!!!!!!!!!! :D

finished :)

I just finished cleaning my friends list and i went from 178 to.... 63 :P another short one lol well cya

4 Years At Gamespot NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!! :P *dances*

Well first how are ya? Me im good although i haven't been here as often as i used to why you ask, Well It's simple msn is taking over my life lol. I wish i was kidding but im not lol although i still do come here but i haven't blogged in about 2 months :P. Well as the title says it is in fact my 4 year anniversary at gamespot and looking back what a crazy 4 years its been :) (In a good way of course). Really this blog is to thank GS for creating this site so thank you for that :) and to thank my friends for being nice and funny and keeping me up till 4 talking about random stuff lol :P. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yes very cheesy) :)

In other News i've been playing a lot of games like Warioware and Brain Age 2 :) For music i've been geeting into so many bands some are really good, some sounded better the first time i heard them lol and others are just plain out funny (HORSE the band FTW lol). Not really much else going on School is about the same and nothing really major is going on.

So i Guess thats it i wanna say thank you again to all my friends :) and GS and as a very wise man once said " The answer is always 3". So very true :P

lol Bye :)

stuff lol

wow what a day the holidays were eh? me to hang wii had a great one hope you guys did mine was filled with fun and was a nice time with my family ive been listening to alesana a lot lol and playing naruto and ddr a lot lol..

well as you know nekothespook has gone into surgery and is ok but i want you guys to keep her in your prayers for a full recovery fast :D


and on that note i will leave you guys


Wow its been a while...

A whole month without blogging well just a big update :) Games - well were to start i rented gh3 loved it and finished it :) i also rented virtua fighter 5 for the 360 and that was fun aswell and right now im renting rainbow six vegas and its fun but im getting a little PO'D at it cause the team they give you are idiots and stupid stuff but i like it :P lol i got Breath of fire 2 from my buddy makashi (he rocks) from the wii VC now im gonna do the same thing in return :P and the stupid part my 360 died last week and i went to gamecrazy the next day and showed it to them and they gave me another on for buying a 2 year warrenty so i got a 360 for $50 :P Music- I got the latest cd from say anything called in defense of the genre its 2 discs and its pretty good although a few songs are kinda meh then a got the cd by matchbook romance for 4 dollers because the cover was ripped (huge bargin) when the cd was normally $15 :P its pretty good too :D. I found out some new bands aswell they are blessthefall - a christian metal band (really good) The devil wears prada - same as blessthefall only i like them more The fall of troy these guys are like a mix of progressive and alternitive and they rock :D and last but not least Alesana - the best band on the planet (in my opion) they are the defintion of awesome:D and about 3 weeks ago i either lost my i - pod or someone stole it one of the two either way i don't have my big one but my dad has been very nice and let me use his yaay :D Life,dvds and etc - i got some grades back from school and im doing good :D i got a 99.2 as my science average and a 96 for my french average but im worried in the rest of my classes... Tomorrow is my dad's B-DAY so im excited and won't be here for self-explanitory reasons lol i watched alot of anime and read a lot of manga :D im on volume 18 of fruits basket vol 5 of death note and chapter 382 of naruto i think [spoiler] i miss jiraiya its so sad he died [/spoiler] and me and my friend watched some conserts on dvd (senses fail,afi,aiden,the used, and more lol) well thats all for now till next time this has been a blog by jdevimon :D

rock band

well yesterday i went to best buy to "look" around and i heard a faint tap noise so i followed the noise and then i started to hear music then i say it it was ROCK BAND i was like omg 0.0 so i stayed about 2 extra hours at best buy playing rock band and it was so much fun expecaly playing drums although it was a demo it still was awesome suffrage city was the song i playec the most cause the song rocks then after that i went another asile down and gh3 was hooked up to an hdtv so i played that for an hour (suprisingly there wasn't many ppl at best buy weird i know) any way i got pretty far in carrer too bad i don't own it yet ah well i had fun