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I dont know if there is a way that Gaijin can make these corrections via a patch or update; however the speeds and turning speeds at which some of the planes fly is way off. Such as the P-51, P-38, F-4 corsairs and the F-6 HellCat...basically all the American planes are easy prey. They stall way too easily, their climb rates are way off and the afore mentioned aircraft were some of the best planes in the entire war at the time. I'm sure this issue has been brought up before but I'd like to get back on the bandwagon and see if there is anything that can be done about this large issue. It makes players not ever want to fly these great aircraft and that is a huge mistake for a "so called flight-sim." The P-38, I was really looking forward to flying in multiplayer since it had not been in the previous game and come to find out its slow and bulky to turn, which in reality it could out turn and out climb the German Me-109 at any altitude. If there is anyway this topic could get to the right people it would be greatly appreciated.


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@ Edged_out...who gives a damn how many fps the game runs at, have u ever played bfbc2? that game ran like a champ with no slow downs. on the other hand cod plays like ur stuck inside a tiny room with no doors and 50 ppl running around every corner..bf3 takes the cake in every way possible especially when u consider that bf has vechicles and cod doesnt.