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Random stuff........

My vote is for Obama. I like his views, however I tend to agree with Clinton a little more on the economy issues. With that said, I think the possibility of having an African-American president shows that this country has come a long way in the war on racism. Now I know that there are still a bunch of racist bastards out there in the good ol' U.S. of A., and I hope that Obama gets elected as president and then hope that every one of those racist bastards puts a bullet in there head right after saying, "I'll die before I live in a country that is run by a (**racial slur**)." This country would be much better off without these racist a-holes. Sadly though, most of these racist p*ssies don't have the balls to put one in there head. I would be glad to do it for them.

(that was rather brutal, so let me lighten the mood a little, lol)

So it's almost baseball season! WOO HOO! GO CARDS!

Ummm, Blu-Ray is getting closer to being available for the 360, as I told all of you all along, it's pretty likely that it will be available eventually. Although, I didn't expect it to be coming so quickly. But then again, if MS takes too long getting Blu-Ray for the 360, it may be too little, too late and the hype for it could be over if they just sat on it, so maybe that's why MS is getting the ball rolling almost immediately after HD-DVD died. Of course, the whole talk about Blu-Ray on 360 is just rumor at this point, but sounds like some of these rumors are coming from highly-trusted sources.

I beat Dead Rising last week, that was fun. However, I'm probably only going to play it through one more time to see if I can get anymore of the achievements and then trade it in. I just don't know if I'll really ever care to play it anymore after I play it through one more time.

I started playing Oblivion, DAT GAME IS DA BOMB!!! I'm sure I'll be wasting countless hours playing the crap out of it. Only complaint is that I wish I didn't have to go to a different screen just to pull my map up each time. Wish I could put a little map in the corner of the playing-field instead.

Did I mention I bought a PSP? Yep, but still waiting for my Killzone to come in the mail from ebay. It's been over 2 weeks, seller told me to be patient. Ummmm, sure........ok. I'm about 2 mouse-clicks away from sending him a negative feedback.

Ok, I'm outtie.