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Know-it-alls are just the smartest idiots

I can't stand know-it-alls.......

They think they are geniuses, but in actuality, they are just people who think their opinions are fact because they are blinded by their ignorance to face the truth. They think they are holier than thou and deny to realize the fact that they are just another human made up from the other 6 billion humans on this planet.

Hmmmmm, did someone say Hitler?

Know-it-alls are easy to pinpoint. Obviously, first thing is they always tell you that you are wrong even when it's completely obvious you're speaking about matter of opinion, rather than who the baseball MVP was in 1962 (although they'll be quick to correct you even if you are relatively close by stating the said MVP was in 1963). Secondly, they typically don't have many friends (usually 2 at most that they "actually" have physical contact with, i.e. going to movies, bars, shopping). Third, they will try to tell you they have MANY friends, but in reality they know the truth deep down. You can't count people as friends just because you talk to them over the internet or talk to (more like annoy) people at your workplace. Again, physical contact (meaning face to face, not sexualy) only counts as a TRUE friend. And lastly, if they are anywhere near you when you're trying to have a conversation with someone other than the know-it-all, the know-it-all will make it their absolute goal to pry their way into your conversation only so that they can tell you you're wrong (again, doesn't matter even if the topic is soley based on matter of opinion), sometimes they are very good at doing this (which sadly makes them think they are smart) because they will talk in a way that is so persuading, you tend to agree with their opinion (maybe it's just to please them and hope they will go away).

There are probably many other tell-tell signs of know-it-alls, but these are definitely some important tips to use when trying to identify some of these weaker-minded, pathetic people.

I'm so glad that I respect other people's opinions. My life is so much more grand because of it.